Film advice needed

I'm thinking about the weekend....we will have the house to ourselves on Saturday, although one of us will need to collect a teenager later. I fancy watching something erotic with OH, not necessarily porn (although maybe i should give it another go) but certainly something with some sex in it. Any suggestions appreciated, something a bit subtle works better for me, but open to people's recommendations. So, your top tips please!

I have always had this same problem I want to watch something saucy with my OH again not overly bothered about porn I enjoyed Emmanuelle but is very dated.

old but good...

Eyes wide Shut , Devils Advocate

9 Songs - this film is solely centred around a couples sexual activities. The sex is interspersed with 9 rock concerts (hence the 9 songs) but other than that the sex is pretty much constant. I have not seen or heard of a mainstream film that is as explicit as this.

9½ Weeks - very sexy film with several kinky sex scenes. Features the use of food & ice as well as very brazen sex outside.

Last Tango in Paris - once you've seen it, you will never ever (no matter how much you may want to) forget 'the butter scene'.

*off to buy new films* very interesting thread

"The Secretary." Esp if you are into BDSM I guess and "Story of O" I heard is supposed to be good but I can never find it to watch myself lol

yep 'the secretary' or the diary (lila baumann one though)

that or tv series - satisfaction or insatiable.

have good time

Hey thanks very much....some great ideas here. Now need to decide but really looking forward to Saturday :) and my daughter has decided to stay at her friends house!!

Fab list I will be watching some of these

Sex & Chopsticks is quite entertaining.