Films with g/bang

The Wife recently admitted to watching gang bang porn when she is own. She said that she tries to find it with a bit of a plot/storyline but finds it almost impossible
I have tried to find some for her myself but I have yet not been able to
Any suggestions would be grateful

Not quite the same, but I always found erotica to have a better storyline than porn, would that appeal to her?

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I’m not sure but worth a try thanks

But it (Caligula) has to be the uncut version not the ‘normal’ version.

Of course there is also a scene where a guy gets his penis cut off and an anal rape scene so maybe not the best ‘romantic’ movie to get her in the mood.

(Or fisting rape, I can’t remember now)

The movie Wasteland has a pretty climactic group scene at the end!
It’s definitely porn but it is shot like a feature film.

I think there are a few Dorcel releases too like ‘Luxure - Obedient Wives’ and ‘Prison’ which have GB scenes, good luck with your search…

Hugh Grant…lair of the white worm…tits every where and a g/bang later on in the film