Finding a good male sex toy.

So, I recently used my first male sex toy and was really disappointed with it. I don't remember what the specific brand/product was, but it's black, latex vagina. Now, despite all the grooves and such inside, when I used it, it didn't actually feel like I was having sex with an actual vagina; it felt like I was masturbating while wearing a condom. Is that something that's always going to be the case when it comes to latex toys, or are there better, more realistic feeling ones? Or are there other materials that feel better? Thanks.

Sex toys for me are just a different sensation for masterbating. I don't want them to feel like a real vagina.

tricky one - no toy is ever going to give the interaction, warmth and feel of a real person, so it could be that you need a little expectation management here.

Your handheld masterbuators, whether they are anatomical or not, ar only a masturbation aid, to give a different feeling to your hand. The same is true of motorised masturbators

As you go up the price range though, you get ever more lifelike, with availablitity rangng from hips through torso's upto a full body - relicating more and more of the sensations of actual intercourse, but for teh best will in the world it's never going to feel exactly the same.

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We were kindly gifted this
It's the nearest thing we've tried as it does move on its own and is warm on entry. This being said it's still not the same as having sex with a person. Hope you find something you like soon.

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