first post, help me get it right, please!

hi,this has probably been asked millions of times butall the same.

ever since my mid teens i started to wander a finger into my anus, don't know why but i did. I've got to say it increases the wow factor of every ejaculation. However i have read it is possible to orgasm in a similar way to how a women does.

I have tried everything from hair brush handles, tealight candles wrapped inclingfilm (heated and molded), camping ground mat foam inside a balloon or in cling, ect.

last week i bought an ice maiden vibe bplug, it does create apleasurable experience but not nearly as good as i imagined.

sorry i'm ranting. any thoughts?

I dont think what you are asking as ever been asked :P
Let me try to get my head around this.... so you want to orgasm in a simular way to a woman... I dont think I quite understand...
How do you know you havent already?
I have never heard that it is possible for a guy to orgasm simular to a woman... if you can explain it in a different way maybe we can work out a way together :)
I am very intrested to know how you get on with this :P

Oh and p.s welkom to the forums i'm sure you will love posting :P ^^

My impression is that you're asking about the ability to orgasm without ejaculation--as in, from the prostate stimulation only--like a woman?

If that is the case, you might want to try the Aneros line of toys--they're specifically shaped to press against the prostate and let your internal muscles do all the work--so rather than you manipulating a toy yourself (which does more for the nerves around the rim of the anus than the prostate itself which is a couple of inches in and towards the upper wall), the toy does it all for you.

This is a completely different thing from vibrators and butt plugs and various home toys that you've tried in the past, so you might find that it is the difference that you needed. It's well worth taking a look at some of the reviews on here to get an idea of how other men have fared.

hi there,if you have a partner and have a close relationship were you are both open about what sexual pleasure,s you enjoy,why not try asking your partner to lick around the anul area and while doing that slip his or her tognue inside and then adding a dildo and carry licking,just like a women having her pussy been licked ,the wetness and the feeling of the tongue sliding into the hole and out and licking all around her pussy,etc !

I too would suggest the aneros - it is meant to bring full body orgasm but this does vary from man to man - I am guessing you are male as your profile is unspecified. As you already like anal pleasure I think it would be a good step forward and I know it is effective at finding the prostate, just a case of how your own body reacts to it.

Good luck

Try this one similar to the aneros

I've tried the Aneros a few times and I'm skeptical as to whether it really does anything. The Ice Maiden looks good but perhaps it's not the right shape for you? Here's two anal toys I would recommend: