First time buyer sex toys for girlfriend - HELP!

Hi there

I've been with my lovely lady for nearly 4 years now - we have a good sex life but it's a little bit basic, nothing strange or kinky so i decided to spice things up by buying her a load of stuff for xmas as a suprise

I bought her the new slimline rampant rabbit, a vibrator,a cock ring and some sexy lingerie as well as different lubes etc.

A couple of quick questions, i got so excited today when everything arrived but i think i want to get some more stuff already - any recommendations that i'm missing out on? i'm fairly kinky and i want to introduce to some filthy outfits like some latex. pvc or the like, any good starters?

Secondly i've told her that i've got her some naughty treats that we need to open together the nights before xmas but i don't know how to present it all to her... it all comes fairly heavily packaged and i don't want to just give her the cardboard box with all the stuff in it - i was thinking of putting it all into a stocking for her but should I unpackage all the stuff first or what?

Many many thanks for the help in advance, as i'm sure you can tell i'm looking forward to xmas!!!!

Happy Christmas to one and all

If she is new to this kind of thing it might come as a bit of shock if you just give her a big box load of stuff in one go. If it were me I'd give her the lingerie wrapped up maybe, and then blindfold her and maybe introduce a vibrator by running it over her skin and asking her if she can tell what it is...:). Then add the other toys later.

Hiya Hornyguy. All the best intentions there fella but I think it seems as though you're rushing along a tad especially if she's had no experience of sex toys before. You got her a cock ring? LOL now that's for you dude, not her!

I'm sure the ladies will be along to give you some advice mate.

Good luck.


I agree with Spanky H about the gentle introduction, of course we don't know the woman concerned so if she's into that sort of thing it might be a real turn on. However if the first time he introduced me to a sex toy my husband had given me a big box of weird and wonderful gadgets and thingymebobs I wouldn't have known what to do and would probably have withdrawn and been less inclined to use them in case I gave the 'wrong' reaction. I'd suggest either sitting down with her and looking at toys together, choosing one with her input or starting with something simple, made of a nice material. E.g. consider whether she prefers clit stimulation, penetration or both and then get a toy that serves the purpose of introducing new sensations and the opportunity for exploration together. Gauge her reaction first and go at her pace if you really want to improve your sex life together, it sounds like you have some coming up!

Hey dude!

I'm with the others on the slowing it down a bit! You don't wanna rush these things because it really might scare off a sex toy virgin to be presented with all these weird and wonderful gagets with no prior experiece.

What you've brought already sounds like plenty for the time being, so if you want to spend more I'd maybe buy her a few non-sex related items so she feels loved as well as sexy.

If you want to make sexy purchases for your partner's pleasure I'd suggest looking at the LoveHoney site together and making a joint wishlist. It's a great way to find get to know each others sexual kinks and your OH will get the chance to choose the toys she likes!


hey guys n gals,

thanks so much for the v good advice so far - i completely agree that plonking the box down beside her is prob too much! she's a very sexual lady though and we've talked about toys before and she's been gagging to try them but she just never has the courage to go into a sex shop etc

I've just opened up the box here and indeed the aquagasm is quite big and intimidating so i think i might need to get a little bit more lubricants as we have to use them for sex most of the time - nothing to do with my penis size trust me... :-) the only lubes we have are the durex play range and whilst they are v good they tend to dry up relatively quickly, i know it's a stange question but is there a 'wetter' lube we can get??

I also really like the idea of filling her stocking with the different bits of lingerie and then introducing her to the toys afterwards maybe with a blindfold....

v excited already - thanks again for the advice, all very helpful

Ooooh. Joint wishlist! I like KP! Think I may have to set aside a wee while to make one of those *wanders off in a preoccupied daze*

liquid silk is a brilliant lube!

i like the others think youve bought enoth naughty things for now and you should buy her some other lovely things, maybe some nice bits of lush, a necklace that kinda thing!

if i was you i would go to clintons but one of there lovely big solid gift boxs and some black tissue paper and put the undies in there wraped in the tissue paper, and maybe put a nice lush soap or bath bomb (wrapped in the tissue paper) to make it all smells gorgeouse when she opens it.

as for the toys id buy a smaller solid gift box and some pre shredded tissue paper stick that in the box and add the toys and lube in there and stick the lid on.

hope this helps and welcome to the OA aswell


Welcome to the OA!

My first thoughts on reading your posts were along the same lines as the others....i'd be careful with how fast you go with something like this, especially the kinkier stuff like the PVC outfits. I think that's something you should definatley discuss together. Obviously I don't know your other half, but I know if my fella did all this out of the blue it would scare me.

You say you've talked about the toys, so that's great! I would definaltey reccommend browsing LH together at some stage, you will learn more about eachother - even when you think there's no more to learn!

Everyone on here has come up with really good ideas of how to present them to her, I really like Spanky H's idea of blindfolding her - I know that would get me going! Really like Diamonds idea too, and you can't beat Lush products!

Ooh and I need to take this opportunity to tell you, if you haven't already, you need to buy and play Monogamy!!! It's the best game I ever bought, might be nice for an anniversary or other romantic occasion though .

As for the lube...I like Tracey Cox Supersex Love Lube, but everyones different. Hope this helps and hope it all goes well!


Just to say I think everyone above has given sound advice - take it slow, have fun exploring - Rome wasn't built in a day etc. etc.

Diamonds - top idea! You'd make a great OH!! hehe You can't beat Lush! Maybe to keep with the 'sexy' vibe but in a more gentle way HornyGuy could get one of the massage bars then sell? Then when she's in her new lingerie you could use it to massage and relax her - then maybe do the blindfold/vibe idea? Just a thought!

Have a VERY merry Christmas!

Sorry, type above - Lush sell solid massage bars (some smell gorgeous and sensual) so maybe get one of those? That could be used to scent the lingerie perhaps... then use it to relax her, etc...

It's very easy to get carried away on here, but the suggestions above are great! Maybe after a while with the toys you have, perhaps browse this website together, make a wishlist together too?


agree with spankyh and M&S best to introduce slowly and then get her to look at site together, if you dont show her all the items you can allways show her the ones you have got hidden away on the site and when she say i like the look of that then you can get magic next day delivery . also try some flavoured lubes they allways ''GO DOWN WELL'' with the misses.

Id go easy as when hubby bought our 1st toy (a rabbit) he thought bigger was better and in all honesty it was vulgur and livedin a drawer until it got sent to the rabbit amnesty. Give her the rabbit as you cant really go wrong with the one you have bought and once the ice is broken shop together as the best toys we have are the ones we picked together. This site is so female friendly (unlike others) that it should be easy to find something you can enjoy together.