First time recieveing oral

My best orgasm ever was my first time recieveing oral. It was a very a stormy night and this guy I was with had not had any fun for a very long time, until now, he was full of energy.
He quickly dashed to the end of the his and with his yellow and blue sheets covering me he spread my legs and begin licking and sucking my love spot. He used his toungue licking up and down all round and everywhere in between.He keep useing that toungue as if it was his only purpose.
I begged him to stop ,but he would not stop his tongue froming moving in my love. My legs shoke like never before I gripped the bed and then his head oh how I could not take any more I felt my juices flowing freely like never before.
I believe I must have orgasmed for five minutes if not more and my my legs quivered for the rest of the night.