First timer!

Hey all! Just ordered my first vibrator .. my friends have been bugging me to try one so here i am! haha Just wondering what theyre like really?

Hi and welcome. They are different for everyone. Some really rate them, some don't. I haven't really rated them until recently. I have always prefered clitoral stimulation instead of penetration from toys. I tried vibrators years ago and found them to be too hard and ridged for me but loved the vibrations. However the range they have now is amazing, hard, soft, big, small, rotating, vibrating, fantastic. I have certainly changed my mind lol. I would say if the one you have ordered isn't for you just try a different one until you find what is right for you. I am in total agreement with your friends and it is great that they have encouraged you. I hope you enjoy your purchase x

Hello and welcome :) they are amazing I'm sure you will love it. Which one did you order?

Hi and welcome. Vibrators are fab. X

Hello and welcome, I love everything that vibrates 😄

Hello and welcome! Vibrators (and other toys) are so much fun! There's so many different types it's hard to define what they're like :)

Don't forget you can use this on your partner as well .

Welcome to the forums


Hello and welcome to the forums :)

Hi and welcome to the forums and enjoy ur first order.

Hi & welcome!

Hello and welcome :)

Hi and Welcome to the forums!

Thanks for the replies guys :) I ordered just the basic pink vibrator as I didn't want to spend much and then not like it! I'm quite excited for my delivery! Haha


Welcome to the wonderful world of sex toys ::) you are going to love it x

Each vibe is different and so is each person, i went through 6 to find my ideal one and now it stays in my bedside draw,So if the first one doesnt suit dont give up

Will keep that in mind :) will be nice to have some me time, I'm a single mum with 2 toddlers so it's rare I get time to myself haha

I am personally among the seeming minority of women who think vibrators are unbelievably overrated. Especially cheap, hard, buzzy ones. So if that one doesn't do much for you, don't be too disappointed about being disappointed. If it does a little bit for you, consider upgrading (and congrats). If nothing else, they can be good for a warm-up. And your partner might like it.

I sometimes suffer from Rabbit Rider Envy, thinking that I must somehow be abnormal. Or I wonder if I'm really a latent Power Queen who hasn't met her match and that's the reason I have never enjoyed one. But we all have different anatomies, different ways of experiencing things, and different tastes. Yet I still hold out hope that one day, when or if I have some throwaway cash, I can try a luxury one like iroha etc., and a powerful one like a wand, just to put it to rest. (Although I think I'd try a suction toy first i.e. the Womanizer.) The truth is, when it comes to clitoral or pentrative orgasm, it's just got to be flesh-to-flesh for me- whether it's mine or someone else's.

So while it's great that you're exploring, don't put too much stock in what other people enjoy or what they say you should enjoy. You can always come back here for recommendations.

Good luck!

Hi and welcome to the forums xx

I hope you enjoy your first vibe....if you ever want advice, dont be afraid to ask...we're all very willing to help xx

Thanks ladies! :)

Sxleksaker wrote:

Hello and welcome, I love everything that vibrates 😄

Here here! Hi and welcome :)