First toy!

Hi all I’m thinking of my first toy and need to have the conversation with my wife any good openings would be great appreciated.



Does your wife have toys? If she does then just dive right in and say you want your own toy for either play together or solo. If your wife doesn’t have any then I would suggest looking at the site together and picking one each.

She had some vibrators when we first got together then when we got serious she got rid of them, she said I don’t need plastic machines anymore. That was 10years ago. I would like to try and I introduce a toy of any kind into the bedroom

Just be open and honest with her then and tell your wife you would like to experiment again. I’f she isn’t up for it then there should be no reason why you can’t solo.


Thanks I’ll ask her, is this best done after a few drinks?

No I wouldn’t say so but if you feel more confident after a few drinks then do it what works best for you

Thanks you

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Nope - I suggest a stone sober discussion. I actually was too shy to talk to my wife about what I really wanted to do so I wrote an email…lol. Sounds dumb, but it opened up the door to get us talking at least. I made it erotic enough that she could reread it but I meant every word. This was about a year ago and it was awkward for awhile, but she appreciated the honesty and the fact that it came from a healthy place. I suggest some straight talk and you know her best so do what will yield the best results for you both.
I can guarantee you will find out something about her that you never knew if you are open enough…

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That’s some great advice thank you think I’ll write it down tho

Get yourself a wand

Ask how she feels about her toys now after ten years and you’re curious about exploring some new sensations, maybe using them on each other could add a bit of spice to the relationship. :heartbeat:

I agree with @Serpentwand :point_up_2:t3: ask her how she feels about toys. Tell her about the toys you’d like try and why.

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Good communication is always best. Just talk about it, sex toys arent so much a taboo these days.

Good luck.

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And the toys of today are way past what was available 10-20 years ago.

Just be upfront about it she’s your wife for a reason and she loves you no matter what… I hope it goes good let us know how it went…

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Hooray! Exciting times to come :smiley: what sort of toy are you thinking of getting?

Well i think you could introduce a vibrator probably after sex. Like when you have come .you could use on her im sure she would appreciate that if she hasnt had an sure she soon would.

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I would suggest bringing up sex toys more in a foreplay fashion. Something you can use it she can wear while on a date. Small vibrator, a sexy card game that gives suggestions. Let her know it’s not too replace what you have, but to enhance the great sex you already experience. Just my take and how I introduced them to my wife

Tell her you were thinking of purchasing something to spice things up a bit and any suggestions. Or V day is coming up, maybe get her a wand or one of those suction toys. I’d love to try one of them. I purchased a wand the other day when it was 50% flash sale. Looking forward to its arrival. But want to try it out with my bf first. Last vibrator my ex bought me, not sure if I should keep it? It’s pretty old now anyway so might get rid and start putting together our own sex box! Enjoy!!

This is MrsHappy … Omg my first toy I got about 35 years ago it was a battery operated dildo vibrator i got from some local sex toy store…

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