Flavoured Condoms..

I was just wondering what people's impression of these were? I bought some a little while ago and they were awful, smelt and tasted horribly of rubber and were really oily.. All the other reviews of them seem to say quite the opposite...Did I just get a bad batch?? :P

Also, does anyone have any recommendations of flavoured condoms which taste nice and work best for oral??

Sorry! I changed the title from 'condomi flavoured condoms'... What I meant was * what are people's impressions of the condomi flavoured condoms?

Condomi flavoured condoms are crap!

I like a few of the durex ones though, mint is definately mint and bannana is like those cheap nasty sweets but still flavoured.

Why dont you use a little bit of flavoured lube and a normal condom?

Oh huzzah! Someone who agrees with me! ^_^


Well I've just bought some flavoured lube, just waiting for delivery... I've found the flavoured lubes I've tried so far to be artificial and overpowering...

Always go for durex flavoured condoms... they do taste really nice, even the mint ones.. which i am not so fond on mints :P but they are good... I buy flavoured condoms for the same reason as everyone else i think..*fruity blow jobs,..yum* but more than that I cant stand the taste of spunk yuk! so it allows hubby to have a *all the way blow job*!
Dont be wasting your money on anything other than durex if you wanna stick it in ur mouth....I dont work for durex honest:P

Thanks Laynie you free samples are in the post....www.dur

Lol!!! The first and only time I bought Durex flavoured condoms I had very little use for them... The orange one got blown into a balloon, after which it was pretty useless :P, the banana one my ex-bf stole and the strawberry one was my 'first time condom'.. Didn't get to taste it... V.V

I must go and buy some more... I'm getting paid next week, me thinks a shopping spree is on the books.. Oooh! I get discount too where I work!!! Why did I not think of this before?!

I don't like the taste/texture of the pre-ejaculates, let alone been able to bring myself to put cum near my mouth... Ewwwwy!

I've tried the durex ones with my partner. She liked the tste of the strwberry one I think but we never really tried more than a couple of times. She can't have liked them that much I guess!

ROFL @ lesley ^^ you know how to make me giggle woman :P... it was a bit like an add... but I do love em :P

Urgh. I've never found a flavoured condom that was good. Generally they taste like crap.

But I'm biased too cos I hate giving condom BJs, because I gag at the feel of the latex nib down my throat.

I like the chocolate flavoured condoms.
You pretend you have Darth Vaders penis.

Which is what I'm led to believe women look for in a man.

Whole new meaning to using the force...

Don't see the point unless you wear condoms for bjs? When we're together we don't wear them and when we're swinging with others we like bareback bjs and only wear condoms for fucking.

Working girls often use flavoured condoms when giving bjs though.

I'm more of a flavoured lube man myself lol, plus you have the added bonus of being able to lick your hand clean after a good wank :oD

ID Glide bubblegum all the way for me haha! Maybe they should make some condoms with that flavour...

I've only used a condom for a BJ once and I loathed the taste so ripped it off and went "naked" on it... only to discover that the taste of spermicide is even worse!

I don't mind the taste of pre-ejaculates or the texture and you get used to swallowing the rest after a while too. I can't say I'll ever love the taste of spunk, but, I'll abide it because it makes me look like a frickin' porn star in His eyes for swallowing!

Oh, I don't use flavoured lube either.

All of those kind of fake tasting things just strike me as nasty.

My favorite flavored condoms are O'My's. They taste pretty good, and are great for one night stands. :D