Fleshlight owners

Recently my pocket pussy gave up the ghost after having it a few years (best tenner I’ve ever spent :rofl:) so I invested in a Fleshlight pilot, I think it’s fantastic. Wish I’d got one sooner.

Obviously there’s quite a few different ones out now, is it worth bothering with a 2nd one? And if so what would you guys recommend? I wouldn’t be looking to get one straight away but if I see them on offer I might be swayed.


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In my personal opinion, I think so.
All the sleeves technically are different eg a tighter/looser entrance, various textures in different ‘sections’ etc. A lot feel very similar (in my opinion) and you may not notice a difference from one to another, but I think that some do have more noticeable differences. I can only speak as to my experience, but your penis may be more of a texture connoisseur and you may feel different.
I have a number of them and my favourite by far as Kazumi… it goes without saying, but again, yours may be different.
You also have the different options of the ‘turbo’ and ‘quickshot’ etc which do have their own unique qualities, but my personal suggestion for a good starting point would definitely be to go for the regular Fleshlight.
Unfortunately it’s a shot in the dark and you just don’t know unless you buy it.

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My recommendation is not to buy a second until you have tried a few other well rated different type strokers. Try one that heats itself or has vac or motion for example. If you buy multiple Fleshlights you will have one favourite you use all the time with the others at the back of the drawer. Look for a distinctly different sensation before just mixing up textures on the same toy for the $$$ involved.

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@be3169 That’s the fear I have with getting another one, that I’ll just default to my favourite and the other will just collect dust.

Thanks for the detailed reply

I think after what’s you and be3169 have said it’s made me realise that it’s probably a waste of money in the long run. When I was looking for one I just didn’t have a clue which one was best so took a chance on the recommended one.

That said I don’t think I’d hesitate if a decent offer came up

I have two flashlights and one or two other brand versions.

Personally, my favourite is the Fleshlight Ice - It’s less tight and I find the material to be much softer and enjoyable. They are obviously less realistic too which I also think I prefer.

Bonus points for being able to see yourself in action :rofl:

I have a Fleshlight Flight and I love it. Got other brands but none as good.

One option would be to get one of the Fleshlight anal ones? Just a thought for something different?

I have that many toys I only now purchase when a big offer on or an item for free!

Odds are that there will almost definitely be a stroker out there that you enjoy more than your current one. It just depends if you’re willing to spend some money to kiss a few proverbial frogs to find it. You may even from time to time just want the variation in stimulus…

It’s a waste of money only if you don’t use it.

Totally your call though, I don’t own shares in Fleshlights hahah.

I’ll always default to the more premium tenga ones that are in cases. They just never fail to hit.

If you got something that you already enjoy then maybe save money for something else completely different to try as no point getting two toys of a similar function use :relieved:

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