Fleshlights - good to use as a couple?

I'm thinking about suggesting getting a fleshlight to use on my boyfriend. He has trouble with his knee and his back - and consequently we don't get to have sex very much. I love to give him pleasure more than anything and whilst I adore giving oral, I wouldn't want him to get tired of it!! So for something different and perhaps to pep his interest up a bit, I wondered about getting a fleshlight - I would do him anytime of course, but figured it's closer to masturbation so much less strain on his poor other body parts!

However (this will sound pathetic) having read reviews, I am somewhat worried he will prefer the toy to me! Actually, writing this out, I know this would never be the case... xD Pretty stupid thought, considering how many toys I have, and considering that none of them compare to the real thing...

But I'd still be interested to hear how it's been for other couples - personally I'd like to get one of the Ice ones, then I would be able to 'see' a bit more!

Any thoughts? =)

I wouldn't worry too much - a Fleshlight certainly does feel good - and the orgasms it can give are really intense, especially with a bit of suction - but it could never replace the real thing. And if you're using it on him then you're also staying involved in the pleasure giving! Does he also have a problem with you being on top, staddled? You could start with the Fleshlight and finish with you. As an owner myself I'd say go for it!

Or how about a Love Swing? That'd allow him to stand whilst inside you, swinging you back and forth and not straining his back with any pelvic thrusting.


Thanks - that's good to hear - like I said, once I had actually written it, I realised how stupid it sounded that he could actually prefer a toy. If I think from my perspective, I certainly don't prefer a toy - it's quite a different thing!

Well, I'm quite heavy, so I don't feel like being on top would be all that good for his back. xD I would certainly do it for a little while if it wasn't too bad, though!

And yes, we definitely plan on getting a love swing once we have the money to treat ourselves to it. ^^