Fleshlights: How many is to many?

Hi guys An update on a passed question, how many fleshlights do you own, I have 7 looking to get number 8 and 9, Might bin some of the old ones (to make room ) for new ones i have my eye one... undecided...

I don't have any fleshlights but I have a similar number of glass dildos and too many vibrating toys to store! 30?

Lots of us on these forums have built up convincing collections, so I wouldn't worry about it if that's your thing. Lovehoney can be very tempting!

My personal guide is that it has to enhance my number one relationship (with my OH) and not replace it.

I agree with MsR on this subject.

We, mostly, have built a significant collection of sex toys over a period of time. I personnaly have tried a few fleshlihlights and have settled with just the one type.

If you have not found something that "Rocks your boat thus far" Then keep looking, read the reviews foremost and decide from there. Plenty of male toys on LH to satisy any male needs.

I haven’t got any toys at all. I’m not sure what a flesh light is.

I don't think a man can have too many...everyone to their own. I have lots of different sex toys so why not have several different fleshlights if that what gets you off...treat yourself.🤫

I don't think there is too many other than for storage issues. My boyfrined has 2/3 at the moment but he throws the old ones out he's had after a few years use and gets a fresh one.

I don't think there's a limit to say how many is too many. There seems to be quite a bit of variety with fleshlights in terms of textures and such. I must have at least 30 dildos alone by now and I'd still buy more. There's just so many different types and they will feel different from one another. If you can afford them and have the space, I don't see a problem with having a collection.

Knight1119 wrote:

I haven’t got any toys at all. I’m not sure what a flesh light is.

Hi Don't know how to put up the link for the fleshlights in the forum. Search the LH site you might find your interested in one ( or maybe 2), you won't be disappointed