Hey guys , has anyone tried the Fleshlight turbo available to buy on Lovehoney , was looking to purchase one but there is a few to choose from, any recommendations would be great thanks


Well, you’ll have to check the Lovehoney shop site to see if it’s available.

If it isn’t available, that means it’s exclusively a competitor’s product and is not allowable for discussion here per forum guidelines.

Good luck!

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No worries thanks

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However the ones that are available here are great!

Love my Fleshlight Ice…


There’s the Fleshlight Turbo Thrust and the Fleshlight Turbo Core on the UK site.

Is it one of these you’re interested in?

I’m afraid I don’t have the right genitalia and no experience with them to help you but hopefully someone who does will be along soon. The reviews for the Thrust seem very marmite, people seem to either absolutely love it or get very little from it. Generally people seem to say it’s not as tight as other Fleshlights but is very realistic to a blow job so I guess it depends what sensation you’re after.


I purchased the go torque (Canada site). I’m happy with it. The regular fleshlight (including the turbo) has a 9" internal length. The Go torque is a shorter version. I’m no where near 9" long so I figured why buy a larger one to only not be able to use the full length.

I tried similar but it was too intensive for me and just shot my load within seconds

Fleshlights all tend to be very similar so can’t really go wrong with whatever you choose, take a lucky pick :grin:

Me OH has the Fleshlight pilot which he definitely would recommend as he says it’s very pleasurable and makes him cum everytime

Just incase the one it’s out of stock

We’ve looked at getting one to try, but how does one clean them?

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I generally just use soapy water and then let them air dry. Majority of the inner sleeves come out which makes cleaning soooo much easier.

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