Flirting with intent for moesomes and finding poly partners

I'm trying to put together something in which others flirting tips on how to flirt when in a group and with the intent for a threesome or moresome.

I'm wondering if you have any tips on which has worked for you in the past? Or worked for someone you know.

Maybe you have tips you are waiting to try out but think they'd work and want to share?

Also if you have had experience of flirting when in an open or poly relationship, do you have any tips on how to flirt when your other lover is around, but you are searching for more (depending on the relationship this could be someone for a moresome, a solo shag, or even finding another poly partner for your group).

I'd be really interested in here your tips and even questions.

Also if anyone knows of any articles or books on this type of flirting, let me know =)


(typing without my glasses sucks, so sorry for the typos).

I'll have a think, but all I'm coming up with is a really creepy what not to do.

Was out one night, and a (very attractive) girl I new from school wandered over, we were chatting, and within about a minute, it was clear I was in there, because she said I was coming back to hers.

And then later, her boyfriend appears on the scene, and I get an impression that he wants me there more than she does....

So I back out, and a second girl makes her approach, (not unusual for me at the time), and a little later, It becomes clear, she's with the first group, as her aggressive flirting leads to "your coming back with me and my friends", pointing at the earlier couple.

Now, the ratio had improved somewhat with this new development, but I was still a little put off but I couldnt put a finger on it(sober Kebert screaming from his cage "Where the **** was she half an hour ago")

So, played along a bit, but didnt commit and carried on my night

And along comes girl number three. (Again, not unusual) and I think, woooo, can avoid this weird situation, and then girl number one comes over and asks if she is bringing me home with them.

I still have no idea what was going on that night, but something odd.

That sounds tricky.

Do you think it was because you knew the girl from school, so they thought you'd be a more likely pull?

I haven't got a lot to contribute here, Nymph..... but just to relate a couple of instances.

I was in a pub with a friend, when he said there was a couple of young women sitting opposite, who were giggling and flirting with him, like he was the best thing they'd seen all week. We invited them to join us and we proceded to chat..... they were office workers and were a bit fed up with the condescending attitude of their male colleagues. Pleasantries over, they started to flirt lke crazy, laughing at everything we said, smiles with prolonged eye contact, and lots of touching. We couldn't believe our luck!

Eventually we proposed that they come back to my friend's place for a drink. All of a sudden they changed, becoming really serious. They said that it was time for them to go, but (sarcastically) they said they'd have a REALLY good think about it. We all left the pub, we went our way (somewhat bemused) and they went theirs. A moment later, one of them catches up with us and says 'We had a think about it and decided..... "NO". And with that she turned and went off.

It was all a great tease on their part..... a sort of 'let's rub these men's noses in their own lechery'. And my friend and I learnt the truth of the old adage: 'If it sounds too good to be true..... it probably is'. Anyway, they set up a potential foursome just with overt flirting.

The other case involved a girlfriend who got an orgy going when she was working at a Kibbutz in Israel. This was during the time when all women were on the pill and AIDs was unheard of. They had often joked about having an orgy but were a bit too embarrassed to actually go for it. Anyway, my friend was just blatant about it. She said to everyone 'We're always talking about it...... why don't we just DO IT !!' ......And they did. So maybe, if you think the other parties might be up for it, it can work fine just to be 'up front' and propose it without any kind of subtlety or discretion.

Do you think it was because you knew the girl from school, so they thought you'd be a more likely pull?

I dont know. I would say not, my reputation in school was somewhat different my reputation out... Gay Kebert / Dirty Dick Kebert.

The impressions I was left with were organ harvesting and he was gay and had some how convinced three women to hunt for him. But I have little information to base that on.

Tying this in to advice? Pick a story and stick to it. Prefably an honest story...

If the four of them had approached me, I may have been receptive, or at least willing to discuss, ground rules. The way that who was involved seemed to fluctuate left enough questions for me to get, concerned, and thats not a situation I'm coming back from with strangers, I'll (well, not I will, I would have) go and bang someone else.

Maybe there was a perfectly innocent explanation as to why "come home with me" became come home with the four of us. Maybe they had a casual thing going and that was just how that night developed, but those arent issues you should be surprising people with. That said, if it had just been the two extra girls, I might not have had a problem, but who knows. But I cant help but think the three girls approached my seperatly, because they had sectioned the bar and were approaching everyone.

I can not contribute any personal experiences of what to do but instead of what not to do from a couple of friends. While at uni I went to the bar with a friend (both of us male) and another female friend joined us later. The female friend lived with two other girls, all three are good looking girls but one of the friends who wasn't present was stunning. Anyway I left my two friends to it after I had had enough to drink and found out the next day they ended up back at hers. In the midst of foreplay he just straight out asks my friend if stunning girl would like to join in, to which he received a resounding 'No'. Not happy with this he asks: "What about the other housemate?". Same answer and he ended up with a lot less than he would have got if he had just shut up :)