Flirtybabe - a message

My god Im loving your pictures!!! Are there any more?

wow a personalised message :D umm the ones ive put up are the only ones id be comfortable with sharing lol but thankyou for the compliment :D :D

well let me know if u feel like sharing any more! i realise your with someone but there aint no harm in a little flirting!

hehe you'll be the first to know :D

hi i do have to say flirty babe you are pretty fit, im not hitting on you just thought id compliment you lol

any chance we (I?) can see your face?

hehe thankyou lolly :D yeah i might put one up soon wana check im not hiding something horrific up there? lol

right there you go naughtyboy..its from late last year when i was still young(18 lol!) my hairs shorter now but i havent changed that much.. :D

very sexy lol - ythought id make another comment lol lol lol your partners lucky to have you lol

haha thankyou..congrats on the 'major' status :D you had any freebies yet?x

Wow!!! Good job there is no messaging service on here! I would be trying my luck for your details!

lol no when did you get yours?

umm i dunno really..not for a few months after i joined because i wasnt a regular at the start :D im a bit addicted now and ive got 2 freebies and won a prize in a comp :D just keep writing helpful stuff and having fun and make sure you've got your address registered if you want freebies :D

hehe thankyou for the compliment naughtyboy..any more requests?lol ive had one for me in my 'bedroom shoes' but its a bit wierd taking pics of just my sure i'll get it sorted soon though lol

Oh I got plenty of requests!!! How accomodation are you? How about I just start with a request for your msn address?

I meant accomodating! lol

no chance, i never give out my msn address to people i dont know..nothing personal :D

ahhh well how about a nice picture of you dressed up in something sexy?

ive got pics like that already on my comp so im sure i can sort something out :D lol

oooh nice! when will we get the pleasure?