Flower Stainless Steel Lge Butt Plug

i just bought this butt plug as I want something to wear all day for work etc and thought it would be ideal. unfortunately although it feels tremendous when its in, the petals and metal surround really dig into my ass cheeks and make it too uncomfortable to sit down. I have seen some good reviews on here of the njoy Pure Large Stainless Steel Butt Plug but the handle looks too big to be unobtrusive. Has anyone got any views on this?? Need to be able to sit down for long periods with no discomfort.

use beed, balls instead :)

Do people actually wear these things all day???

If you want something for all day.. i'd strongly recommend an nJoy pure plug.

I've had one in for about 7hrs so far today and with a bit of silicone lube, it's as comfortable as when it was put in!

HTH :)

What happens if you need a poo at work? lol

Well you get to take it out and stick it back in again !!! Wow

The nJoy plugs are designed for long stays :)

If you're sitting down for long periods, then it gets a bit uncomfortable after 20-30mins, but moving the plug in/out a bit (just to get the lube alive again) puts you back to perfectly comfortable.

I mentioned what i had done to a friend, who sometimes hides larger/more difficult to conceal plugs for a whole 24hrs (his wife didn't notice, so that must count for something!)

One tip was to make sure the handle/part that sits against the anus is lubed inside and out, to avoid chafing!

And if you need to go at work, i haven't crossed that bridge, but the disabled toilet and a small bottle/sachet of lube would do the trick for re-insertion.

Oh wow - how many people actually wear these things for work?!

I haven't even been brave enough to wear vaginal jiggle balls for work before because I'm always convinced people will hear them, or I'll get so horny at work I won't be able to concentrate!