flying solo....

I now live on my own, have a small collection of vibes ranging from, Ann Summers dolphin, (gets me all the time, shame batteried fade quickly... always best with new batteries!), normal, g spot, knobbly, a jessica rabbit....... now I want more fun, any ideas on vibes to give me megga high??

You could try the Rimba Remote Electrosex Butterfly which I don't think is available from Lovehoney (it should be though) so Google it. It gives slight electrical shocks to your pussy and will send most women into outer space. It's adhesive and sticks to your skin either side of your clit and as it has a remote control you can just stick it in place and control it with the little zapper. Welcome to your mega high hun!!!!

I brought a fluttering butterfly at and oh my god it's good!!!I've used the site lots of times and there really reliable and cheap.

Thanks for your messages, suze69. It would be much better for the community if you had something contribute other than blatant plugs for your Web site.

If you visit the contact area, there is a feedback option for "I am a retailer and I want you to link to my site".

Perhaps you should use it?!

have you tried the x commander bullet vibrator from it gets me every time

Try an Ann Summers knicker critter small but powerful clit stimulator that straps to the top of your legs and you can wear anytime (even whilst shopping) the variable speeds make it possible. I adore mine and lights up the dullest nights and the most boring of shopping trips and it's only $22!