Food for sex!

Hello all! Im relatively new around here, well ive been visiting for a while but just dont post much as im a bit shy!!
Ive just been reading through another thread and it got me thinking that id like to use food during sex. I dont mean cucumbers, carrots etc, but i like the idea of using chocolate!
We've used the chocolate body paints before and tbh i wasnt a fan, but theres been alot of talk about mars bars - now that i like the sound of!! Do you just use food as a sex toy or do you kind of leave it to melt inside and then get down to business?

Whats your favourite food to use during sex?

Sorry if these sound like stupid questions, but i know you lot will be willing to give me honest answers!

OK chocolate takes forever to erm leave the body once melted and secondly and my biggest tip being.. if you're female I wouldn't use chocolate or anything with sugar etc.. in, 'down there'... you are likely to end up with a yeast infection lol.

However food is fun, I like being covered in all sorts and being messy is great lol.

Well i did wonder about the sugary thing down there tbh!!

Yeah, to be honest.. it's best avoided. Some of these body drizzle/lickable gels you see on sale... also have the same effect. A friend of mine actually tried the chocolate thing too... and no matter how well she flushed her self out and washed after... she found herself leaking chocolate when she got wet nearly 3 days after lol. So all in all.. I'm not sure I'd wanna put my body through that lol.

Had a sort of food fight with my wife once and we ended up in the bath with jelly, cream, custard, that sort of thing :) was great fun and ended up in very slippy / messy sex, only thing that is a pain is the cleaning up.

Its not food but always tempted to try that lotion stuff you see in some japanese porn, looks like fun :)

Pickled Onions!

DD thats rank lmao


DD I am a big lover of pickles but following a recent incident with a scotch bonnet chilli enhanced Shifty, I'm all too aware that not all food leads to hot sex. Well not in a good way anyway! ;)

Yeah I dread to think what vinegar would do downstairs lol

neutralize all the chocolate? hahaha

Hows about a bag of Wotsits instead then?

I think i'll give some of the suggestions a miss thanks!! pickled onions and wotsits - eeew!!!

i think fruit would be fun to use, something like strawberrys thats all sticky and sweet. only problem would be the mess!