Foot job

Who has had/ likes a foot job?
Last night I received an amazing foot job. It was my first time receiving a foot job. It started by accident, the OH had her feet resting on my lap and while engrossed in watching TV she started moving her feet. After a few minutes my breathing had started to get heavy which made her ask what was wrong. I explained that she had been giving me a foot job she stopped. I was a little disappointed to say the least but then she started again, but this time she would go from working on my shift and building me up to then pressing and squashing my balls and shaft. Its was intense, being turned on so much then having it controlled by her squashing me. This edging went on for 1.5 - 2 hours. It was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I just hope she is willing to do it again

I dont like feet full stop but if my oh asked me too.....and he never has, I would of course do as I was told. Glad you enjoyed your experience so much. Lets hope it was the first of many xx

I don't like feet....but I love a foot job and my wife does do it for me on occasion