Foot Play - Tips/Ideas Please!

Hey guys/girls!

So me and the SO were playing about in bed and he had me tied up. Since I couldn't use my hands, I decided to have a go at playing with my feet. Much to my surprise the SO loved it and has asked me to do it since. I enjoy it too and it gives us a lot of fun and adds a bit of spice to the bedroom.

My question is, though, has anyone got any tips or tricks to make it even better? Do you use massage oils etc? Any suggestions would be really appreciated!

I hate feet so that made me feel A little uneasy lol.

I hate feet so that made me feel A little uneasy lol.

Aha sorry ;) I couldn't tell if it was a bit of an usual fetish or not. I assure you, my feet are lovely and clean ;)

Oh it's not unusual. I have had two exes veg me to give them ' foot jobs'! That was the point when I realised we where not sexually compatible.
As a nurse it always makes bed bathing patients interesting. I have to close my eyes when it comes to their feet and I wash as quickly as possible. I just hate the look of feet and for some reason I always get the patients with the horrible scaley feet with yellow curled up toenails and bunions!

Ugh, I feel awfully sorry for you! Minging feet are definitely not cool D:

You're a brave lady!