For parents ? Where do you hide/keep your naughty stuff ?

Me and my partner have many toys and other things unsuitable for our two year olds eyes. She's very nosy so don't want her to find them. I was wondering were other parents keep there naughty things?

I have a top cupboard above my wardrobe and mine are well hidden in there. Even if my children went in the bedroom they couldn't reach :)

If you have boys, get a cardboard box and write "Old Cookery Books" on the side. It will never get touched.

If you have girls, do the same with "Printer cartridges"

I once left a Tenga Fliphole out in the shower to dry. My daughter found it - I said it was a waterproof case for an Ipod so you could use it in the shower. She seemed satisfied by that, so I left it there for a week and everyone lost interest,

I currently have everything in a leather weekend bag. And nowhere out of reach. I think I'll have to do some moving about in my wardrobe. :)

Me too! SEX4LIFE I've told my best friend that If I die tomorrow to come and collect it!

I have an 8 year old.. so i modified a blanket box. plenty of storage and a old brass lock lol

A friend of mine uses a small lockable filing cabinet too.. and throws a table cloth over it, looks like a normal bed side table then.

under the bed where my nearly seven year old son know's he's not to go.....

Hello're looking good....

I recommend a locking tool box. They have different compartments too keep it all tidy, are inexpensive and look 'boring' to children.

I just realised I have draws under te bed which you can't see because of the bottom sheet.... New hiding place :)

S-E-X 4 L-I-F-E wrote:

I just realised I have draws under te bed which you can't see because of the bottom sheet.... New hiding place :)

Hope this works :)

My wife has some in a draw in the side of our bed.

I have majority in a wooden trunk by my wardrobe with stuff on top of it.

Its in plain sight for all too see but no one would go in it.

We have recently bought an old secondhand chest (smaller than a blanket box) with a large brass lock on it. It looks great and handy for all our bits n bobs. The kids aren't allowed in our room anyway and are well trained to knock, we knock on their door too.

FoxyStoat wrote:

Hello're looking good....

Thanks Fox, hope you are well x

Wouldn't worry about a two year old, but once they get older they will find it unless you keep it locked in! And even if you do they will find the key haha (I did)

My little un is bad enough if she takes a bra out of my draw......

Just an FYI, there are several great threads on this subject in the archives. Well worth a look, IMO. Lots of experience and suggestions from people who are no longer active in the forums.