Foreplay better than sex?

If you are a guy: Do you like being blowed and is it better then normal sex? And do you like eating pussy?

If you are a girl: Do you like having someone eating your pussy and is it better then normal sex? And do you like giving a blow job?

Responses could be interesting!

I'll start as a guy just for fairness! Yes I really enjoy being blowed as a build up to sex. I find it hard to orgasm during oral sex but it serves as very hot buildup. I'm not sure if there is some kind of power dynamic going on as giving in during oral would mean a transfer of power to the woman, and I like being dominant.

On the other hand, I LOVE giving my partner oral sex and exploring her erogenous zones down there. Stimulating with touch, tongue and breath and watching her writhe around the bed in response and her in little control turns me on massively.

I love having blow jobs but whether it is better than normal sex depends on my mood or what normal sex involves that day, but it is normally a build up or a breaker for us. I love giving oral, it's a massive turn on, thats usually a build up or a breaker for us also.

I love lots of foreplay and sometimes that is all I do, I don't always need penetrative sex ![](upload://ez5kOkpKXRZOxjavAURYmQxVTau.gif)

Gah, eating pussy makes my skin crawl, lol. It's an awful term.

I do like receiving oral sex but it doesn't replace actual sex for me. It takes me too long to cum with oral and I generally find myself getting frustrated or losing my rhythm, so to speak. If toys are involved it's a different story but that's not what you asked. I reach a certain point then I just need penetration so it is more of a warm up for me.

I love giving more than I love receiving. It's not a power thing for me as the OH is almost always in conrol, but it makes me feel good to see how he reacts to what I do and I love being at his mercy (which he has none of ![](upload://5BDs2y1gm13l2R58ovmAMxyNM3f.gif))

I can only orgasm for foreplay and I'd still chose penetration every time

OUCH! Thank you ;) wrote:

Gah, eating pussy makes my skin crawl, lol. It's an awful term.

Oops. I guess I should have realised this from my guide - - I guess old habits die hard lol!

Ste wrote:

OUCH! Thank you ;) wrote:

Gah, eating pussy makes my skin crawl, lol. It's an awful term.

Oops. I guess I should have realised this from my guide - - I guess old habits die hard lol!

I've read that, it's fab ![](upload://lJMrTcqgi5lI1FOpb07OYOcv2YF.gif)

Love foreplay but it's the whole thing for me. Not just foreplay and not just penetration.

I love plenty of foreplay but also love penetration( guess I'm just a bit greedy !) and while I enjoy receiving oral I find giving particularly satisfying, think it's the whole feeling of being in control that's such a turn on because usually I'm more submissive.


Gotta agree best to be greedy.


You can never have too much of a good thing:)

Nope so right there x

I love foreplay for sure its a warm up it teases it fun and enjoyable, I lovee giving him a blow job teasing him trying to take control because he is always in control being the Dom I love teasing him hearing him groan turns me on so much

I find it easier to orgasm with oral than penetrative sex. Don't get me wrong, I'm very happy and able to cum with penetration, but oral takes it out of my control completely and that always gives me a better orgasm.

Her on top does something similar, but I find it impossible not to contribute!

I love both.... I have to admit the last encounter I had was hot instant and with almost no foreplay..... But was an incredible turn on....

I prefer foreplay, lingerie, role-play, making out, oral, striptease and general teasing so much fun.

love it all, foreplay and intercourse, sometimes happy with just foreplay, sometimes just intercourse, sometimes both......

The thing that most jumped out at me was your comment regarding "giving over power". That's fascinating, especially because I also know dominant men who think that making a woman get on her knees and giving him oral is a very powerful thing (the opposite of how you think) and some who think giving oral to her is more of a submissive act. I guess this just jumped out at me and made me realise that what one person considers a "powerful" act, another considers it "submissive" (and hey we are back to the old "everyone is different" thing again)

Foreplay shouldn't be called foreplay imo. For me, foreplay IS sex. In my head, penis in vagina penetration is no more or less exciting or important than say, oral sex, manual stimulation, teasing, roleplay, D/s, anal sex etc. PIV penetration has never been the final act, the "thing to which we are leading up to" in my relationship. I would actually guesstimate that we have PIV penetration roughly 30/40% of the time we engage in sexual acts. (If we consider the orgasm to be the end point, or the "full stop") The rest of the time we reach orgasm through touching and oral. Sometimes we engage in sexual experiences with no orgasm occuring and sometimes that is the point (tease and denial and chastity plays a large part in our relationship).

Is it better? No, I wouldn't say "foreplay" is better, but it is just different. I can have intense, mind blowing sessions from nothing but being touched and I can have them during PIV sex too. The orgasms or experiences are not any more or less intense if that makes sense? In fact, what makes the session more intense for me is less about the "act" happening and more about the "scene" (The mood, the roleplay, the mental stimulation, the fantasies, the teasing building up to it etc) It is that which can take a session from good to "omg my head just exploded".

I love oral in general,but that is not ''foreplay'' for is still sex.I can orgasm from it and also enjoy giving (especially when the man/woman shows the enjoyment that my actions bring).

Foreplay can sometimes be more exciting..because of the anticipation involved.

When we have a kinky/bdsm/fetish night our foreplay is that hot that both me and the OH cum within minutes of having sex, we probably have 2 hours of foreplay and 10 mins of sex! where as on a vanilla night we both can go for ages! it's more like 10 mins of foreplay and 2 hours of sex! Lol