Me and my hunni don't get a chance to get kinky with his type of work I am going to visit him Wensday for a couple days dose anyone have any foreplay suggestion to get him heated up??

Sexting is great, and also little dares or challenges to do during the day like... dare you to go commando to your meeting, or take a naughty pic or yourself in the stationary cupboard and send it to me.

Mrs A x

Definitely a good idea on the texting-sexing idea......

Always gets me hot under the collar in the meeting room, while I know my OH is thinking those very same thoughts!!! Big turn on and a great anticipation cocktail ready for the main event!

Perhaps a cheap toy, like the little lustfinger for a couple of quid? Spring it on him while he's still dressed!

My hunni dosent like sexting he loves getting dirty message but not replying to them :(

Set up as a dare if you want me on Wed I challenge you to txt bk to everthing i txt

when ive done extended foreplay it's lots of groping and kissing through the day, sly touches in the supermarket and things to wind them up!

never under estimate foreplay...

in my opinion you cant have good sex without good foreplay... even if it is just sexy kissing or fondling