I’m circumcised and have been most of my life. Recently I’ve been wondering if I’m missing out on not having a foreskin. I guess it doesn’t really matter as there’s not much I can do about it. But just wondering how it feels to have one and what do you all enjoy doing with yours or your partners?

Actually, a forum member once mentioned that you can get a little padded cover that you slip over your bellend which allows it to regain some of its sensitivity over time (ultimately by protecting it from being bashed around in your pants). The company who makes them is called Manhood.

I haven't tried it yet, but it's nice to know it's out there. 🙂

If you imagine the foreskin as the equivalent of a woman`s labia, it`s very sensitive, and can enhance pleasure, it also stops the head of the penis from getting de-sensitized. I don`t think boys/men should be circumsized unless it`s for drastic medical reasons.

Well said WillC, totally agree. I couldn’t imagine not having my foreskin. Janes, it’s really nice to feel and play with, especially with a little lube or pre cum.

De sensitization would be my guess of the procedure, trying to go about normal life with ones skin back can be positively uncomftable at times due to the feelings even slight rubbing can create . I think it's a outraged (possibly religious ) procedure usually done without fully understandable consent of this life long change, an extreme view is it could be seen as (a form of)genital mutilation but doubt many guys would see their parents in court(Just a thought?)

It`s a strange world where FGM is rightly frowned upon, but it`s done to unconsenting males a lot.

WillC wrote:

It`s a strange world where FGM is rightly frowned upon, but it`s done to unconsenting males a lot.

Never thought of it from this perspective, always thought that circumcision was done for either medical or religious reasons. So was surprised by the topic. I would agree with comments made, though not circumcised, for the most time the head of my penis sits outside my foreskin, though having a foreskin it is pleasurable when masturbating or entering my partner, feeling it being pushed back. I am not sure whether by being exposed it has robbed me of any of the sensitivity.

WillC wrote:

It`s a strange world where FGM is rightly frowned upon, but it`s done to unconsenting males a lot.

The analogy is slightly misleading, because FGM (despite sometime being referred to as female circumcision) is a much more painful, damaging, and horrific procedure.

Having said that, I've also never understood widespread use of male circumcision. In America, for example, a majority of males are circumcised. You only need to watch American porn to get a clear sense of this. If you ask circumcised Americans about this, they normally claim it's for hygeine reasons. Personally, I've never felt my foreskin to be a hygeine problem. It takes about 5 seconds to clean underneath it...

None of this is actually relevant to OP's question. I believe there are non-surgical procedures to try and regain sensitive skin in this area, e.g. by stretching the remaining skin gradually. Google "foreskin restoration" for some ideas.

Is any form of mutilation without consent in the name of religion right? The hygiene thing doesn`t wash either, pun intended.

Defam is correct.

Circumsistion is a minor procedure which is a carried out for religous and-As some would argue-Health reasons.

FGM is completely different, although it can be done on religous beliefs, it is primarily carried out to control a females sexuality, preserve her vaginity. It is far more invasive.

The benfits I have found having a foreskin, I have never had to use lubricant when masturbating or being masturbated, I have only ever used it when using toys. Retaining a standard of hygeine has never been an issue.