Forum Members' Appreciation Thread

Fashionably late, of course! :clinking_glasses:


So, I can see that the thread has gone into a bit of a private tangent (congratulations everybody, but the way! :smile:), but if it’s okay I’ll try to be brave and not let that stop me from posting this, because I think it’s really important to mention (even though now it seems a bit off-topic).

I really want to post about @Ian_Chimp on this appreciation thread, because I don’t think he could ever get enough love, recognition and awe for everything he does. Every time someone has any issues, he is the first to be supportive and kind and (somehow) seems to manage to solve everything out so smoothly! The amount of time he seems to put into the forum truly is incredible, and his work really makes the whole experience so much better for every single one of us - thank you so much for everything :relaxed:


All that and still has time to paint his fingers and toes
Go @Ian_Chimp


Thank you @sexpositive_babe :slightly_smiling_face: Though there are far wiser and kinder members than me. I just know the menu shortcuts. :slightly_smiling_face:

I do like my pretty toes. :slightly_smiling_face: (and I can thank @PleasureDrone for those :+1::beer:)


I love reading all of the incredible advice from @Calie - thank you so much for all of your amazing, insightful and educational posts!

You really, truly are an inspiration to me. :blush:


Also, @Melody1’s posts are so lovely to read: your replies to the What cheered me up recently thread are truly wonderful, and it always makes me smile when you poke me in the counting game! :blush:


Thank you so much, I really appreciate the kind words. I’m not in the greatest of places at the moment but giving out advice helps me feel a little more me so it is really great to hear that my information diarrhoea replies are useful! :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:


Thanks babe, I love counting along with you and enjoy writing the cheery stuff. It’s lovely to know that others like reading it too


Night fun when @WillC, @Gazza_64 and @CurvyJilly34F joined me and @wildflower on the late shift. It was great to have some company :+1:


Loved it too, not often i’m up that late especially being that tipsy! :wink: p.s. those LHM boxers arrived today!


@Melody1 your welcome :pray: happy to help

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How d’ya like 'em?
More, more, more :musical_note:?

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They seem ok! Will have to post a pic!

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