Forum peeps birthday's

ive seen in other places that they have a thread for memebers birthday and after seeing SG's birthday thread i thought it be nice for us all to put when our birthdays are so we dont miss our friends birthday and can so wish them a happy birthday on the day ect ect. :-)

what do u think?


Mine is in two weeks!! :D :D

That'll be cool, mine is ages away too, August :(

Sounds like a good idea, mine is in June.

mines july the 9th.

there was a thread a while ago i think

July 19th... You know what they say about girls born in July...

(They don't say anything. I made that up. But July girls are awesome. I should know.)

Lol x

1st of October. - ages away yet :)

8th of may... I reach twenteen

Jonno wrote:

8th of may... I reach twenteen

Lol I refused to turn twenty too!

Now I'm twentytwoeen!

Mines New years day was due Boxing day.

Mine's the end of August. Youngest person at school sucked.

So mines next then?? Whoooo... I love birthdays - but especially mine!

10th April.........typical aries.. :-)

Mine's June 30th I will be 30

24th of this fine month!

I won't be around here then!

glade you all ar ok with this topic then :-)

mines 22nd of april


I turned 20teen on 10th Jan lol so mine is 10 months away grr!!

PS Neptune talked about the school year and being one of the youngest so how does the school year work (in im assuming England) Its always been a wonder of mine as in NI it is 1st July until 30th of June so July is the oldest and June youngest. So most start school aged 4.

Sorry very OT.

Mines 12th of June. x

November - just after Carly's! Nothing like a scorpio lass!


Mine's 21st of April - same as the Queen