Forums Update - down on Thursday, back on Friday

We're doing some major work on the Orgasm Army forums - the good news is that they're going to be relaunched on Friday 11 July in all-singing, all-dancing (well, toe-tapping) form.
The bad news is that we're going to have to take the forums off-line on Thursday 10 July while we do the necessary back-endery and technical tinkerage....
Please excuse our mess in the meantime.
Hope you like the new forums!

No OA for a whole DAY?! How will we cope?!


Err, you could spend the day playing with this instead shellyboo...


Richard - while you are tinkering can you please fix the bug with the 'Design a Sex Toy 2008' message board as I can't access it properly - none of the 20 threads is visible when you open it. All the other boards are fine.

(I have an idea I want to post on there when its working)

Ooh - I didn't expect to be able to get my daily fix today!

Gosh, thank you for caring! :-) [blush]

I've just had a heart-to-heart with the technical team and it's not going to happen today for complicated technical reasons (the lead programmer is going
on holiday for a week and we don't want to launch the new system when
he's not here to oversee it and fix the broken bits!)

So sorry for scaring you all...

The forums will disappear for a day soon... but not today! We'll give you another warning.


@Gyrator53 - yes, the Design A Sex Toy thread will be fixed!

In fact, please take the opportunity here to point out any other buglets...

We've worked through your wishlist from about a year ago too - we did listen, just took a while to get in to gear!

Aha - well, the "View Members" tab isn't working..

OMG, BBG... that's hugely entertaining! So much for my deadline.

What does the "introduce yourself" tab do? It won't let me in!

The bondage tab only ever displays 3 different items.

I'm really much more of a lurker than a poster - but that will change soon I promise!

Anyway - minor niggle but quite often at the top of the page - "Logged in as ...." is not my username