Fragrances that put you in the mood

What Fragrances do'es your OH ware that would put you
In the mood
And have you ever walked past a stranger and thought
Mmm thy smell nice, or is that me just being wearied

My OH smells good when wearing Beyonce Heat, Marc Jacobs Dot, Rihanna Reb'l Fleur, Nina Ricci and loads of others, anything sweet smelling does the trick really. She has a bottle of Agent Provocateur which she wears exclusively for in the bedroom so as soon as I smell it, it gets my pulse going!

Myself, I wear Chanel Allure Homme Sport for day-2-day wear, I constantly get compliments about it from both men and women, I'm that sad that I even have the small diffuser of it in my golf bag. For evenings I wear Bleu de Chanel it's a strong fregerance and lasts all night (like a good fregerance should), my OH loves it and she says she just wants to rip my shirt off me when I wear it, i smell that good! I have a good selection of other fregerances that I like or have had bought for me as a gift but these are my two personal favourites.

I'm addicted to Black Phoenix Alchemy Lab scents... they are some of the craziest scents ever. Currently wearing smut... boozy woodsy, dark and rich. Various scents drive me wild and are both a turn on and a acctraction factor to me. :D

For my GF - YSL in the tall cuboid bottle...

For me... YSL in the smoky blank cylinder instead. :)

AdventurousSexKitten wrote:

I buy his fragrances for him because I like him to wear what I like to sniff!

Currently Kokorico by JPG.

Yeah. Guys come in and you get a waft and sometimes it smells good.Been tempted to ask on occasion what they are wearing.

Not weird at all. I think fragrances can smell different on different bodies. I don't wear perfume that well so I wear really light fragrances but my OH can wear really strong stuff. He seems to just soak it up!

I go light as well, had a Calvin Klein Obsession as a x-mas present (edt, expensive) which I gave away, it's just not me. Clinique Happy is nice for myself/and the female version for girls. Paul Smith Summer is nice (think they do it for females also) and like the JPG for women (the bottle looks like a body)

The original joop ;))

Bacon, mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm

I was introduced to Hugo Boss, "Element" by a female freind at work last year, and i've worn it since.

On a woman though, i find a particular scent by Impulse that drives me crazy... but i can't rmember whch one.

Armani code or Chanel Allure for me and Coco Chanel for my OH. Head to Selfridges at opening time, head to the Perfumery and walk into a cloud of perfume and fragrant women: amazing experience :)

my girl favourites - midnight poison by christian dior, angels and demons by givenchy and alien by thierry mugler

boys - ultraviolet by paco rabanne, l'eau d'issey by issey miyake and le male by jean paul gaultier.

perfumes dont put me in the mood i just love them

Midnight Poison always makes me feel good and Drakkar Noir on a man (but that's very hard to find now).

I used to wear Sortilege but I can't find it anywhere now either

Molten Brown shower gel is really good for him and her.

I absolutely swear by Givenchy Gentlemen after shave in the original black and white box.

Givenchy Pye next.....

On a man 212 Sexy or JPG yummm

KinkyFuckery wrote:

On a man 212 Sexy or JPG yummm

Never smelt JPG but I have read they're very similar..212 Sexy is what I wear ;)

defo 212 sexy its devine

On the OH Spicebomb by Viktor & Rolf or L'Eau d'Issey pour Homme by Issey Miyake :)

The smell of new lingerie. ( I know Im weird lol! )

My partner only ever wears CK One, and only occasionally, but I love the way it smells on her.

I wear Hugo Boss Just Different, it puts me in a good mood generally.

I love to wear Tommy Hilfiger Loud.. it smells lovely and it makes me smile.