Free condoms at LoveHoney!

LoveHoney is giving away a free Durex Perform Condom with Durex Play Lube sample.

Get yours at LoveHoney's free condom offer page and then come back to Orgasm Army and post your review.

Have fun!

yes yes its true i recieved me free condom from love honey i will keep it for a rainy day never know when you will need one

i got my free condom in the post 2day we will try it out then leave our review

Thanks, I sent off for it just now so hopefully Ill get it.. :D

If Lovehoney only sold condoms would that make it a condominium?

Methinks I'll have to mosey on down to the homepage and order a sample.

Just sent off, fingers crossed ;)

i recieved mine yesterday gonna write ma review soon

Did anyone else request this free sample early May and has'nt recieved it ???

I just posted my request. Do they send them internationally?

I requested mine back when I joined but didn't get it. I figure they have plenty of people to review them now, though, and I have plenty of condoms. I'll live. :)

Now, had this been the clit ointment they apparently gave away some time back, I would not be nearly so laid back about it...:)

Fair enough if they've all gone but how long would it take to delete the "offer" from the website ? Never come (not a pun) across clit ointment but 2 willing offers to try it, I'm game if you are mcbirdie....YES + YES ????

Oh, I think you know that I'm a 'yes' on that one, lesleys. :) Though, I did just order two clit ointments to try--I imagine I'll be having an enjoyable weekend either way.

But I do agree with you about removing the offer. I signed up for it here, and then when someone linked to the same offer on LH a couple of weeks later, I did it there to--just in case my OA one got lost.

I don't much care personally because I always have a ton of condoms to hand (one of the benefits of working in a hospital), but I do wonder if new users weren't put off by it.

Argh they run out! And I just sent for one. The freebie ones like that in the little pack are handy to keep in your purse! Oh well :( is today (Thu 18/10/07) advertising this freebie on its site for people who sign up to OA. I've nothing but praise for both OA and LH but as I said in June (see above) this offer should have been deleted from the screen if the stocks were not there to provide the free samples. Now they have put it on a National Freebie site...well the term making a rod springs to mind !! This is a Pabo tactic I expect better from OA/LH.

when i joined i took up the offer of a free condom, never received it....I wonder why

It's too bad the free offers are only available in the UK...

I never got mine either, but I tend to find it more amusing than anything as they've gone on to send other free items. Don't worry about the condom too much, you'll get better in the future if you write reviews. :)

Huge apologies for the delay folks. As you can imagine, this offer has been hugely popular and its taken some time to work out the logistics of sending out over 3000 freebies through the Orgasm Army system.

We're on to it now though, so your wait will soon be over.

Sorry again...

Don't worry, I think you're forgiven, we get so many other freebies from you guys!

I've never gotten any sort of freebie, although I've noticed my rank is higher than some that I know have received freebies.