Free sex

Is there any websites that people know of where you can meet people just for sex for free?

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Isn’t that a dating app ? hook up site ? Google it


I;'d have thought that if you said you were only look for casual/NSA fun on any dating app, that’ll do it. Plenty of people out there looking for the same thing.

Im sure a google search will pick up numerous of sites

I wouldn’t mention that you want sex for free in any site, it sounds transactional but that you’re stingey​:rofl:

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You don’t want to pay for the sex or don’t want to pay for the website?

Yeah, there’s hookup sites. AshleyMadison, Adultfriendfinder, heck, isn’t that what Tinder is for also?

But from what I understand, a lot of people don’t have luck with those. Women get a lot of unwanted dick pics, and average guys don’t really have much of a chance. Lesbians…well, I’d have to ask my GF but that’s stuff about her past I don’t really wanna know.

Depending on your circumstances, it may or may not work. Depending on your area, hiring some help might get you farther faster.