Fresh bed sheets

Is it only Mrs Dixie this has an effect on??

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Lol makes no sense whatsoever, shall we say it gets her in the mood

No, it's not just you guys. Freshly laundered bedding is like catnip to Mrs Chimp. ๐Ÿ™‚

Ian Chimp wrote:

Freshly laundered bedding is like catnip to Mrs Chimp. ๐Ÿ™‚

+1 to this, but only if Iโ€™ve not been the one to change the sheets.

Omg yes! I love fresh bedding. But I also love it if weโ€™re doing foggy and my face is in the sheets, smelling our sex from the night before ๐Ÿ˜‚

Nope, not just you. 100% a thing for us too. No idea why, just one of those random things!!

Snap. Donโ€™t stay clean for long!

Weirdly I have wanted Lovehoney to do bed linen for a couple of years (with shunga-style print designs). When I saw this topic I thought my wish had come true. Ha.

I love fresh bed sheets and the smell and crispness does turn me on. You Mrs is not alone.

Snap same here. I love fresh bedding. I wish I had the energy to change my beddding every day lol

I love fresh sheets! Gets me in the mood every time

I love fresh sheets, too.

Crisp cotton in the summer makes me frisky, but I'm using fleece at the moment for warmth. They're so soft and fluffy that I roll around naked in them like my dog does on my hall runner!

They're really quick and easy to wash and get back on the bed - NO IRONING (which is a mood killer for me). The only problem for me is I hate messing them up as they're 30 degree wash, so it's the hassle of getting a towel down every time.

Wow, I sound like a little old lady getting all excited about warm bedding

I love fresh sheets too, turns me on thinking how to get them used again, love my face pressed into the sheets smelling clean

I hate fresh bedding, the first night is the very worst sleep ever, as they are too tight, uncrimpled and stiff..........