Fresh blood right here

Hey everybody,

Had registered here about a couple of weeks ago and made my very first order of toys in preparation for our eventual meetup ;)

Something about myself.

I just came out as Bisexual, whether it's a boy or a girl; I am attracted to both sexes. I have had one relationship with a girl which lasted about 5-6 years until we broke it off.

Since February, I've met somebody through an online game and we've been talking almost on a daily basis and pretty much enjoyed the company of one another. Me and him share many of the same personalities, likes,dislikes and again enjoying the company of eachother. Unfortunately, he lives In Florida and I'm in Montreal so meeting up right now isn't so ideal, but we have made arrangements for us to meet up in a couple of months.

I've been getting curious by the day in pleasuring myself, so I took the liberty of ordering some toys from here and have been having a blast at trying new things!

Never in a million years would I have thought this would give me so much pleasure already, I can't wait for the real thing ![](upload://h7LJ67OOrR57VDYrj5ZEwwHAfLG.gif)

Sorry for my weirdness XD

Hi and welcome! c: It sounds like the meetup is going to be extraordinary, I'm so excited for you. What toys did you order?

Welome! :)

I hope it all goes well! What did you get?


Hi Jay Legacy, and welcome the forums :) x

Hi welcome to the Forums

Hi Jay Legacy and welcome to the forums :) Weirdness , what weirdness ? I dont see anything weird here at all :) xx Hope you have fun when you eventually meet your new friend x

Hi and welcome! Enjoy yourself here on the forums, and don't worry about weirdness, we don't recognize it here :P

Definitely no weirdness going on! Welcome to the forums Jay and good luck with your meet x

Never apologise for weirdness. It makes your fellow weirdos think less of you and it reminds those nasty 'normals' that you're not one of them. Either hide it or embrace it, and I vote for the latter- it's far more fun!

I'm glad the first order went well (though fair warning- you've been sucked in for good now, it won't be the last!)

When you do meet up, we'll be waiting with popcorn and strained ears to see how it went for you. Good Luck!

Oh... one more thing.... what was it? Hrmn... Oh, Right!

Welcome to the Madhouse! :D

Hellooo Jay ^_^

You'll soon see there's nothing here that isn't weird, as everyone embraces each others joys with 0 judgement ^_^

Welcome to the forums & hope your meet goes smoothly x

Hi and welcome to the forums x

Hi and Welcome to the forums!

Hello and welcome 😉

Hello and welcome :) what toys did you order? :) Please check out the forum rules and enjoy :)

Thanks everybody for the warm welcome!

Started off small with butt plug and 5.5' Dildo with some anal lube on the side! I'm looking into getting a vibrator once I'm fully confident with my current toys.

Baby steps, but I already see that it's getting MUCH easier putting it in there. That male G spot though is really something else.

I'll definitely be sticking around here for a while :D

Hello Jay! Welcome x


Welcome Jay, sounds like some good toys for starters, though I'm not really experienced with anal play. Hope your meet-up with your friend goes well!

Oops double post

Hi and welcome :-)