From old to new

this is just a post to say how great it feelsto use new batteries in a vibe
my promises has been running on nearlly empty for a while but i thought nothing of it i liked the change if taking more time to come and i learn more about how to push my own buttons, well anyway i put on the new batteries and pow i come within a minute i love new batteries
any1 eles had the same

Oh yes, I love it when I put in new batteries, or freshly charged ones. You forget just how powerful a vibe can be, and it's always a pleasant shock :)

i know it hits you right in the face you totally forget what its like to have the much power lol

right in the face? i think you're using it wrong :P hehe

I always test a vibe on the tip of my nose, if it makes me sneeze it's usually a good one.
I must confess, I buy my own batteries, My dear one might get a bit upset if he saw how often I was charging the rechargeables for my platinum.
what brand do you use? I always tend to stick with Duracell cos they do seem to last longer and I always smile when I see the little bunnies on the tv banging away on the cymbals, rock climbing etc - so many similies, so little time heh heh...

yeah we were told the nose thing at an ann summers party once..its not my preferred place though hehe :D

Lol, never tried that nose thing. I tend to test them against my wrist, now that I think about it...don't know what that says about me, lol.

I'm an Energiser girl, myself. The last lot of Duracell I used only lasted about 4-5 uses in my platinum rabbit -- I've been using a hardware store own-brand in it, since, and those've lasted over 20. So yeah...not a Duracell fan.

same here about the nose thing if it goes numb u know its good lol
i tend to stick to the bunnies lol kind of ironic i think theve done ot deliberatly bunny for a bunny lol

Not my preferred place either Girls but I'm not about to drop my pants in an Sex Shop!!!
I used Tesco cheepie batteries once and they leaked everywhere and wrecked my first vibe. Luckily I only burned my fingers :0(

I'm a big fan of Ikea batteries...always makes hubby and I giggle as I load up my trolley (or big blue bag) with the various types on display.
Cheap n cheerful...(and that's just me ) especially after getting to work with fresh new batteries!

I was thinking of investing in some rechargables, any reccommendations?

In terms of rechargeables I think these are defo the way to go, as long as your have two sets, you'll always have fully charged batteries to hand yah!

I would look for the time they take to charge, because cheaper versions can take 24 hours! While better ones only take 4. I'd also say that brand names are more likely to be reliable and charge well if you're unsure (obviously there will be exceptions to this rule but their a safe bet). I have panasonic ones from John Lewis which I'm happy with, but they're not the fastest to charge.

Pft- why bother with expensive one use batteries? I got 18 for £1 at poundland and they've lasted in my rabbit for ages.

Although I do have rechargables somewhere so will probably try them when they run out.