Frustrated bi-curious

Hi folks

For the last year or so I have been bi curious in that I get turned by the thought of sucking another guy. The OH knows about it, is ok with it and sometimes we watch porn exclusively of blowjobs specifically because she knows it gets me off. She wants it however to stay as a fantasy, and I respect that, but would really like to try it for real, and its now a secret frustration - because I wouldn't ever go behind her back, and even if I did I wouldn't know where to start

Are there other men in the same boat? Are there any ladies whos OH is bi curious? Do you encourage it/discourage it or would you flip if you found out?

i think watching two guys together is hot ... BUT if i were in a relationship and my OH went behing my back with anyone , m or f , however ' frustrated' they were it would devastate me and it would be over .

spoonio wrote:

you not alone Ampeli there are millions out there with the same fantasy, hell, even I have that urge, I visit a classifieds ads page and theres guys on there arranged this with others, proper male oriented, I will be honest and have made contact with guys and made meetings with them only to turn them down as I'm not sure if this is what I really want, just one of those fantasies, will I ever fulfill it? who knows....

Thanks Spoonio.....have been tempted by what you have done too, maybe if the OH has a change of heart one day :)

Hi all being with a guy is something I’ve had bubbling under most of my life, as yet I’ve had two experience’s with another male, once on my own before I met my wife, the other she was watching.

I have always been totally frank with my wife, so I have no problem bringing the subject up during love making and make no secret of any of my desires, it is a big part of our sex fantasies and we relive and discuss it at great length (pun intended), she shares hers with me I encourage her to do so.

I can only say be open and honest with your partner and yourself and remember its just a blow job.

Good luck

Bisexual men are a huge turn on to me, I'd accept a guy needing to be with another guy but not another woman :)

Moist I think that is the best way to be open and honest.

I think there are plenty of guys out there in a similar situation, so don't worry about that. However, as you've discussed it with your OH and she would rather it remain a fantasy, then I think you're bound by that for the time being. If you're really insistant on it, then you can suggest actually trying it in all seriousness, but it has the potential to be messy. Give it some time though, and just try and find the right way/time to bring it up - she might go for it.

Just don't go behind her back, as that will just make things a lot more difficult. If it's something that you just can't stop thinking about, and you really feel that you need to try it, then explain that to your OH. It might not be the easiest of covnersations, but better to talk about it with her than just leaving it sitting in your mind for a long time.

I'm a bisexual female, and would love to have a night with another female, but as I have a male OH I can't see it happening anytime soon! So I know how frustrating it can be!