Frustrated female

Hi all, Im more than a little frustrated at the moment. The past week or so i haven't been able to orgasam/climax, we've tried longer foreplay, all sorts of different postions etc and nothing last night i felt like crying. Me and DH have always had a fantastic sex life and ive never had a problem like this before. Can anyone give me some advice please


Have you thought about or tried using sex toys?

Hi JustGuy, yep we've used toys and i can feel it building then nothing


Are you under any stress, tired at all? Worried about anything? Are you on the pill or changed the pill recently or on any medication?

Its only been a week so give yourself time. I went through a period of not climaxing because of worrying about my r/ship with my husband but perhaps relax beforehand, bath, massage and dont automatically try for the orgasm.. just enjoy being together and hopefully the orgasm will happen naturally. The more you worry about it the more difficult it can be to climax. Toys are good but if you have never been used to them they wont necessarily help but its worth a try.


The only thing I can think of is that you ease off the pressure you're putting on yourself, maybe? Though it may be difficult to do, you can still enjoy good sex without orgasm - if you relax and don't stress out about the fact that you're not orgasming, and just enjoy the pleasure and the intimacy; if you don't hold an orgasm as the goal of any sexual activity and just enjoy the moment, then maybe you'll find it easier to orgasm. :)

I know it can be frustrating hun, but you having some problems orgasming at the moment doesn't mean that you don't still have a fantastic sex life. :) But, if you want, you can always try an orgasm enhancing balm - you can find some on here. :)

The past 3 times I've made love to my wife, I havent climaxed either.. But have no problems doing it myself so I just put it down to stress. I'm sure you'll be fine, run each other a nice bath, candles and a massage and you'll be back to normal in no time

I think if it brings you to tears you are trying too hard and making too much of it, relax chill and take time.

Hi thanks guys, Dee thinking about it my doctor has just changed my medication . We've used toys years so i know it wont be that. I think i nice bath and some us time might be in oder tonight then. No tv no kids and just enjoy each other maybe? even if we dont make love we can still be close.

Thanks guys xx

Its nice to have an orgasm but its more important being close and intimate.. You will be fine. Medication can cause lots of changes in your body .. so check out the side effects.


Chiming in from a man's perspective, I agree with what Gunther above me has said. Perhaps you didn't hit your orgasm like you normally would have and now you are feeling anxious... like you'll never attain one again.

Be positive and don't overthink. :)

The more you worry the more pressure you put on yourself,try relax have some "you" time,it doesn't have to be the be all and end all,as dee said its the intimacy that counts x