full genital condoms

Hi just a quick question.

The other day my husband and i was playing with condoms when i had the urge to pull it over his balls. To be honest he adored the feeling as i enjoyed the look and feeling myself. This has got me searching the net for a condom that allows you to fit the testicles in as well. Does such a product exist???? If so please help me as i so wonna purchase some, as using normal condoms just end up ripping. thanks to anyone who can help me xxxx.

Probably not... Wouldn't it be more likely to break that way as you described?

Have you considered other products like cockrings or some toys that go over the balls? I find gentle pressure on my balls can feel great so perhaps finding a product to do that might have similar effects.

What about latex briefs like http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=13984 or http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=18990
Should get roughly the same effect. Or if he wants to keep the usual condom, there's some ball-covering stuff like http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=12841 but they're mostly spandex or nylon instead of actual rubber.

Hiya welcome!

Could you use liquid latex & paint it on his balls?


That could give a similar sensation once dried perhaps?

Or what about cling film in conjunction with condoms?

thanks ill take a look. We dont use the condoms for pregnancy prevention or for std's as we dont need to for either lol. We just lube them up for a good handjob :-) he likes it men hey lol. But thanks ill take a look.

mmm thanks never thought of cling film now you got me thinking mmm ty

hotukcple wrote:

mmm thanks never thought of cling film now you got me thinking mmm ty

I was going to joke shrink wrap but thought it wasn't the time if you'd like another suggestion!

CurlyCoupleWife wrote:

Or what about cling film in conjunction with condoms?

I don't like the sound of that - I've a funny feeling allowing the two in contact may cause increased risk of tearing and I wouldn't fancy having to be really careful to make sure they didn't touch.


Very good point I hadn't thought of that.

Luckily hotukcple has since mentioned that they have no need for condoms, they just use them for the sensation so should be ok.

I reckon clingfilm with lube could offer a very similar sensation to the stretching of the condom...

Hehe - "condom that covers the balls?" is one of the most original questions I've seen on these forums!!

Can't say I've ever seen one - I liked CurlyCoupleWife's suggestion of liquid latex - latex balls could be fun! But I thought I better point out that if you did go for that idea you really wanna make sure you shave first - otherwise getting it off could be really painful!

Oh slippy trust me i always insist his nuts are smooth. Also curly im always game for suggestions, i feel you can never know enough hehehe. But my hubby is grinning his head off with the latex paint and cling film ideas. xxxx ty all god this site is helpfull.

Any good luck? It doesnt seem it would be a product sold due to weaknesses, but yeh maybe two condoms might suffice, one for his balls?

why not just make a whole suit of clingfilm just leave a little hole for his mouth

lickmadick wrote:

why not just make a whole suit of clingfilm just leave a little hole for his mouth


well im gonna go shopping for ome industrial size cling film lol

wooooooooo hooooooooo i recon i have found what im looking for. Thanks to all you very helpfull peeps, i got some great tips from you. But just to let yo all know what im was looking for i found it on ebay item number 170537045798. Sorry but i dont know how to paste the page here, but if someone could i would be very greatfull that way LH might be able to source the item and start sellng it. LOVE to you all xxxxx.

Here it is;


thanks alot

Out of curiosity had to have a look but the listing had ended, so here is a new one


could you use a female consom and remove one of the rings from it? dont know if it would work, but might be worth a try if you could get some ( health centres do give them out)