Fully Fashioned Stockings

Hi there all, xx

I have a life long love of classic Fully Fashioned Stockings … and for those that perhaps don’t know, they are the classic seamed stockings with a reinforced foot, made from traditional nylon… no Lycra… and they ain’t cheap!! :leg:t2:

I will often wear them when out and about … both in the day, and always on a night out… or a date :kissing_heart:! I do think the right coloured stocking and seam with the right dress is an epitome of feminine elegance., and the silky soft feel and sheen makes them incredibly sexy!

The question, I ask you fabulous people, is who else shares my passion for these …. and which of you gorgeous ladies also wears them??? I always look at ladies legs, and simply cannot remember the last time I saw a lady wearing them … apart from checking my seams ares straight in a mirror! Xx

Love R xx


As a couple we do enjoy stockings and we do buy a lot and I agree they need to be old school design with seams and reinforce heel and toes
I personally love the feel and when being worn with suspenders I feel very naughty and I love the look I get from my oh when I flash the top to him
I love them so much but hate the fact they still ladder

Oooo fab to see you wear them mmm … and a flash of stocking top!! … oh my! … I will wear knee length skirts if out in the day, maybe a little shorter at night … where a hint of stocking welt maybe in order!! :wink:

I always wear a 6 strap suspender, which stops the ‘Norah Batty’ look. I agree with you, they can sometimes ladder soooo easily … I do however keep the other stocking as a spare!! … comes in handy, and helps save money!

Love to see a pic in them ??? … I posted some a while ago.

R xx

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Yep, I have a couple of pairs, but I ain’t no lady.

Six strap is definitely best

Melody always Charlotte Sometimes

Have only one pair…lol I know I need more, I wear them a nice nights out

Mmmmm a sight to behold I’m sure …. lucky Mr Scott xx


I absolutely adore stockings…I wear them as often as I can. With a pair of killer heels literally I feel amazing in them!

The seamed ones are the best but there are literally so many sexy stockings and tights on the market right now I could literally spend my most of my wages on them… :rofl:

I must be honest, it’s very rare I see another girl in stockings or tights, it’s such a shame as I think they are so sexy, old school glamour at it’s best!

The only downside is yes, when you have spent so much on a pair and they rip/ladder especially when you have long nails like me, makes putting them on a right nightmare… :see_no_evil:


Hi @Samanthajane1985, I too know how amazing Fully Fashioned nylons and heels both feel to wear …. and looks!!

I also know how careful you have to be in putting them on, I too have have quite long nails. I always wear a pair of hosiery gloves when putting on my stockings … it helps preserve them against the odd rough nail.

They are indeed glamour at its best xx

R xx

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@spanking_for_fun I love it when Mrs H wears her FF, or RHT nylons and retro-styled underwear (full, high-waisted sheer panties and multi-strap suspender belt).

The seams accentuate the shape of her legs, but I particularly like the image the metal clasps and how they stretch the welt and the keyhole.

The feel of the nylon (and the rasping sound) as it rubs against my skin when she wraps her stocking-clad legs around me, is so sexily sensational.

For me, nylon stockings cannot be beaten for their sexy appeal.


I do agree as I always wear vintage style suspenders as the clip is bigger and when wearing you can see the clips easily which is a turn on.

Ps love the mesh knickers - personally satin front and mesh bottom for me.

Currently looking at wet look suspender belts - have you or your oh had any in the past ?


Having had nightmare with the little plastic clips, I converted to full sized metal clips some years ago and I’ve never looked back.

I do sometimes have a retro vibe going on in my social wear, and I always wear fully fashioned ones then, and sometime at other times too. I have quite a selection of stockings and about a third of them are fully fashioned. Given I don’t own panties, I have more money to spend on stockings. Win-win!

Mrs H once bought a black latex suspenders belt to compliment her other black latex lingerie snd latex stockings.

Once all the latex had Ben polished, she looked sensationally sexy.

We’ve seen vinyl and “wet-look” suspenders belts elsewhere on the internet.


@spanking_for_fun sorry, my last post was in response to the question you posed.

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@spanking_for_fun the suspender belt is on sale at LH:

Rubber Girl Latex Retro High Waisted Suspender Belt

There are other latex items with attached suspenders you will find in the Latex Section.

@KinkyMira it is wonderful to hear from a lady that wears FF stockings, a lady after my own heart. I can’t remember the last time I saw an elegantly dressed lady in such hosiery xx

R x


Hi there @Himeros1

If you are going to buy a suspender belt, I always go for one that has 6 straps … particularly if you are going to wear fully fashioned stockings … it helps keep them nice and sheer … and the seams straight!

R x


@Rachel_sometimes, yes Mrs H has a number of suspender belts, corsets and slips with 6 wider straps and metal clasps.

As you state, 6 (or more) of the wider straps are the best. They provide her with the confidence that her fully fashioned (FF), or reinforced heel and toe (RHT) stockings, are more securely attached and that they keep her seams straight. So important when worn on days/nights out!

She finds that the much narrower, 4 straps and plastic clasps (usually attached to most lingerie items on the market these days) do not offer her with the same confidence of her stockings being securely attached.

Additionally, our preferred choice of suspenders is for her multi-wide strapped retro-styled lingerie because it creates a more sexier and desirable image than the lingerie with narrower straps and plastic clasps.


Mmmmm @Himeros1 …. a sight to behold, I am sure.

You are very lucky chap indeed … if Mrs Himeros doesn’t tell you :wink:

R xx