G spot Dildos and Squirting


Wife wants to try G spot orgasm (hoping to squirt) and we are trying to choose a dildo.

Currently choosing between

Does anyone have any experience of these? We want to experiment with something new so for now don’t want anything too girthy.

Thanks all!

I think glass might be better for potential squirting as it’s firmer, and firm g-spot pressure seems to be key for a lot of people.

Mrs Chimp doesn’t really care for squirting, but does love the Icicles no5 you’ve linked above. Her other favourite is the LH Beaded glass dildo:


Thank you! That’s really helpful (will pass on to the Missus). Will the girth feel fuller on the glass ones (because there’s less ‘give’)?

Yes, they do feel a little girthier than a similar sized dildo in silicone or pvc as there’s no give.

The Tracey Cox is quite a good one (currently out of stock unfortunately). They’re a little thinner than some, but you also get two in the pack, both double-ended - so you get 4 dildo textures in all. :+1:

That’s a good shout, will hold out for that! Thank you :grin:

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Tracey Cox is a Lovehoney brand too, so they often appear in the sales and DOTD with a nice discount. :+1:

A lot of people rave about stainless steel dildos for hitting their g-spot and making them squirt. I don’t personally own any, but I have a couple of them on my wishlist :grinning_face_with_smiling_eyes:


This one is also an amazing g spotter. But the beaded one @Ian_Chimp recommends gets alot of praise on here, so its a really awesome option too


Agreed with @Ian_Chimp and @PKH - glass and steel curved do it for us!


I own the beaded glass one, and while I’ve never “squirted”, I do find it very pleasurable!

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