g spot toys

i been married for 24 years can someone recommend a g spot toy which make my wife ajaculate

This one I find is amazing


Personally I think it's more about technique than the toy. Google the technique. I find my partner can make me do it but I can never do it

The woman has to be totally relaxed and just let go for it to happen.
My favourite toy is http://www.lovehoney.co.uk/product.cfm?p=28411
I need internal and external stimulation


Hi Scottjock, we are in exactly the same place. We've been very happily married for 25yrs have a wonderful and amazing love life. We've been trying for my wifey to ejaculate over a year. We feel we've got to the closest point using this above. What's amazing about it is not only can it stimulate the g spot it's self but open her up enough for you to be able to see the g spot and use you fingers or a vibe .