Games for Couples


I have been trying to purchase a bedroom game for me and my wife and noticed that all the games available are pretty tame for the more adventurous.

This gave me an idea, why don’t we start a thread where everyone describes in a few words what task / fantasy they would like to experience.

Lovehoney then may take these ideas and design a card game including our suggestions. This could turn out to be the most exciting game ever.

Shall we begin…?

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Great idea. Will think of a few things. As a start, a task/forfeit could be to go to a different room in the house/outside and take a very naughty selfie and send/show it to the other player

Maybe try playing Jumanji or twister if after a more wild adventure :smirk:


There’s a game on Google Play called naughty game for couple that has dares in it that spiced up me and the wife’s bedroom life. But I wouldn’t call them super adventurous. Check it out.

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