Garden sex! Does anyone do it?

As soon as we moved house and had a proper garden (lawn, trees etc) we started to use it to have sex. We are over looked so pick our moments and place, this is usually on a dark summers night after everyone around us has gone in. We usually take a blanket and lie under the stars enjoying ourselves. Neighbours would need a spotlight to see us so we feel quite secure in our coupling although biting our lip is needed not to get curtains twitching . 😂 It certainly adds a different dimension to our sex life. Does anyone else get out there?

Yes, our garden is also overlooked, so we like Love Stud Too have to wait to the neighbours go in. It is normally on the patio, with the other half pulling her knickers to one side for me to enter her whilst she sits on my lap. If the neighbours do come out her skirt is protecting our modesty from prying eyes.

Always in the sumner and in the hot tub

Oh yes love sexy time in the garden and really looking forward to some warmer nights in our new place :-) right in the middle of nowhere with no streetlights or anything x

yes quite often in the summer, there is a wood behind our house so only the owls can see us twit tawhooooooo

We both love outdoor play. Have tried but we too are overlooked and we have great security aware neighbours felt like was about to be caught,(fun at the time but don't think it would be the next day when seeing them first thing in the morning,) so we gave up and continued inside. But we do still have a good grope and like to tease one and other on summer nights in our garden.

When we had a garden, we did it out there a lot. We had a gazebo, so were often at it in there. We also did it in random places outside, but had to be careful as we had nosey neighbours.

We don't have a garden at the moment, which is why we've started in other outdoor places. The gentle breeze across the naked parts of your body and looking up to see the stars is amazing.

Yes, we are rural and not overlooked. There's also nobody close enough to hear noises of pleasure. We sunbathe nude a lot when it's warm and that often results in sex, there's something primitive and instinctual about doing it in the open. .

Long ago now, but still exciting, almost got caught in child’s play structure “birdie slide” was in public woods we were all turned on at night after a good day out, pre kids, and I got wood🤭 were enjoying fumbling around when heard someone coming were very quick to put everything away and just smiled and waved. Had fun in bed later. Much more comfortable!! I must have cum so hard 🍆💦

Hmmm... is Autan an essential aid which LH need to start stocking?

I use to the gnomes we’re watching little pervs and the sprinklers came on which dampened the mood and I was walking off with my legs around my ankles like a penguin

Not yet but it’s on the ‘to do’ list!

We have one of those garden swings which is great fun. It has taken a few years but I've also managed to cultivate the hedges so we aren't overlooked.

One of the benefits of living in the countryside, we also like washing our cars with the minimum of clothing.

With an unobstructed rear garden it’s great fun.

yes with alan tichmarsh behind the begonias

oh sorry just realised the context of the question.

I love sex outdoors and the garden on a warm barmy night is just lovely xx

Luckily there are still a couple of spots in our garden where we can have fun and not be overlooked:)

Have done a few times very enjoyable

We’ve had a little play but never had full sex in our garden, as much as we’d like to. We live in a Victorian two-up-two-down terrace, and so are over-looked by neighbours left and right and by houses at the back. Our neighbours also have kids so wouldn’t want them to see us. We’ve had outdoor sex elsewhere though, which was fun and would definitely recommend it. We are going away in a few weeks to a rented cottage on a farm with a lot of land and a lake so are hoping to get some more opportunities for some alfresco fun!!

Love garden sex, especially on a hot summers day. 😎