Does anyone have experience of being on the receiving end of gaslighting? Particularly in relation to work.

I have a trade union history and have represented/advised numerous folk on issues of workplace bullying and harrassment. And I feel very confident defending others. But I just feel lost here, maybe because it's happening to me.

I'm keeping an incident diary because I passed the stage of doubting my own recollections.

I don't have any advice other than perhaps start job hunting if you can.

My ex-husband did this to me because he was trying to hide his cheating and it was awful, but now he's gone my life has improved out of all recognition. And you will learn in a positive way in the long run even if it seems hopeless and that you are trapped now - as you process what occured, you will find that you have taken the power out of the gaslighter's hands because you recognise what made you vulnerable to it in the first place. Then you can spot it a mile off if it starts in any other situation and stop it in its tracks.

My husband had an employer that tried it, but he knew what he did. documented everything and got out at the first opportunity.

It's horrible, I hope you are OK.

This is awful and I'm so sorry you're having to deal with this. It's a low and really manipulative thing to do to someone. Documenting is the best as you can go back and prove everything. Can you speak with someone about it? Raise a grievance? Keep strong! :) x

I actually quit a quite well paying job because of this and have no shame in the fact that I did such because it takes a big weight off your shoulders.

Keep recording this awful bullying. Remember this person is weak and a coward. Keep strong and know that things will be stronger in the future x

My past relationship was built on this and even now I have times where I feel guilty for things she had done. It’s a horrible and messy place for your head to be in so an incident diary is perfect, not just as evidence but for your own sake. Remember who is in control and if this is happening on multiple occasions then go straight to HR or walk away. The good news is in a work environment you will have back up. In a relationship it can get as far as not being able to leave because you feel guilty and wrong.

What is gaslighting i have never heard of it

It's where someone manipulates you, for example by changing bits of history you share, so that you doubt your own reason and memory - and because you are doubting yourself, they can control you and manipulate you to do what they want. It's a type of emotional bullying, and can be very nasty.

i can honestly say i have heard of gaslighting i looked it up and it sounds as if you have had a terrible experience . good luck in the future xxx