Gathering opinions on first internal vibe

Hi newbie here please be gentle 😊 OK so finally got the courage to actually buy something for myself as I've been single for a looooonnng time but still young and fairly inexperienced got myself a bullet vibe which I'm having fun with! looking at internals now and can't decide between mini g-spot or mini vibe opinions please??????

I have a g-spot one.... that one to be exact. Its utterly wonderful!

Oh nice is it any good, looks quite long ;)

I own this one and it's very powerful. I think it is perfect for bigenners who want to explore their body or experiment with new kinds of toys abd don't know if they are gonna like it. At that price you can't go wrong. The red one is being discuntinued but there's a pink version.

I also have this one from my first order: and it's great. Plus it's the deal of the day so its price is reduced today.

To be honnest I use both on my clit but i haven't found an internal vibe that got me off so far so maybe it's just me. I'd say that if you wanna explore with an internal vibe and aren't sure between thise two types, you could try both for a low price. Also both are part of the 3 for £10 so you could have both plus another item for only £10!

Thanks all liking the deal of the day today think I'm going to get it! and maybe a g-spot aswell as the first is so cheap!

Its amazing Throbbinhood. My review for it is live. It does look really long and terrifying but makes finding the angles sooooo much easier.

3 for £10 is a great place to start Vibesgg. You can buy multiple things for different areas to see what you like best. Good luck.

One of my very first orders many moons ago when I too was a relative newbie to toys was a Lovehoney branded (now discontinued) identical version of this: - while I have moved on to many things since then, it is still one of my favourite toys.
I know the Fifty Shades version is expensive, and unrightly so (it's only in the name, the LH one cost me £10 on sale), but if you can afford it, I think you'll get a lifelong toy so it might be a good investment.

There's a code for it, it's free when you buy for £35. I own it too and i was curious sbout g spot vibrators but did't want to pay full price. This is perfect for that