Gay Pride

Main question of this thread: What does a girl wear to Gay Pride if all of her friends thinks she's straight? Would this do? -- It's been my wardrobe for ages and needs an outing!

So, this weekend in my city is Gay Pride - and one of my gay friends specifically invited me - yay! I've always wanted to go since I was sixteen, but didn't dare back then. I am determined to go this year. Now I'm not gay, more pansexual than bisexual, definitely :-) I know it isn't an issue, as my sexuality has never been questioned by my friends before; they all assume I'm straight as a pole, but obviously I'm not :/ I sense awkward times ahead, I'm not quite ready to come out of the closet yet as pans. What happens if I out myself by accident? If somebody asks, I don't want to lie, but :S Does anyone understand? Sorry for the rambling!

I'd love to hear any Gay Pride experiences anyone has had, there must be some great stories out there! Please share them! :-)

Hello HE,

It is just about wearing what you feel comfortable in. I think that outfit looks fun and fitting with theme and what better excuse for an outing.

Hope you have a great weekend and enjoy your experience!

For starters: that is cute as!
Honestly, wear whatever you want. If you want to go as every day you, cool. If you want to dress up, cool. From my pride experiences, you get a right mix of people, so wear whatever you're comfortable with!

As for accidental outage.... Roll with it.
I don't want to tell you the tired old ''if they're your friends they won't care'' but.... if they're your friends, they won't care.
It's not like it changes who you are to them, although it will happen to some people. If something comes up, respond with what feels right to you. As you say it hasn't come up before, you also can't really assume they assume you're totally straight.
Most people by adulthood have done some sort of exploration, it's not exactly a huge deal, and by the sounds, it's not as if you're going to be parading it in front of them :)
So yeah. the best advice I can give is roll with it. It might be a bit awkward for a while, but most people just...well, deal with the news :)

P.S: its Gay Pride. It's generally assumed that everyone there is somewhere on the spectrum of non-hetronormative, or is accepting of those who are. I wouldn't overly worry! :)

In terms of clothing - you wear whatever the hell you feel comfortable in! I guarantee you are going to see people in various states of undress - it's all about freedom of expression.

I don't think anyone will question your sexuality - I have a lot of straight friends who come to pride with me because it's just so fun and free - and it's all about acceptance. So for all they know, your just going with friends to have an awesome time.

And you will have an amazing time.

If someone asks just say "what does my sexuality matter?" Or "I never said I was straight!" I'm bi but have never come out, I don't know if anyone knows and don't really care. Why do people assume that you're straight? But wear whatever you want

I agree with the others. There will be a real mix of people wearing all kinds of things. Some will be sexy, some flamboyant and some in regular jeans and t-shirts. I completely agree with fairehlights. Regardless of whether your friends know the ins and outs of your sexuality, doesn't change your sexuality or who you are. Nothing will have changed, only knowledge gained. So if they're not accepting then they must be closed minded and miseducated. And who needs people like that in your life when life is so short?! Go for it, wear what you like and have a great time. Nobody will care.

Hi guys, thanks for the feedback and support :) I know my friends will probably support me, even if i came out as transexual :D I assume they think I'm straight but maybe they think I'm a lesbian lol, I've never asked. It doesn't matter really anyway I suppose I am more worried about the 'rents finding out than other people's opinions :/

I've asked around casually and my friends all seem to be in the realm of comfortable yet stylish - jeans and tees are the main agreement really. I think I'll go for that, especially since the weather seems to have taken a turn for the worst today! (It's like torrential rain right now!) Thanks again guys for the advice :) xxx

To be honest that sounds like a good idea. I normally go jeans and t-shirt because of weather issues and because it normally ends up a long night so you have to wear the same clothes for hours if you don't live right near the goings on. I didn't tell my rents about my sexuality. My mum found and read a private letter! All is fine now (a slight bump as the shock hit but soon mellowed down and they began to understand). Now they love my partner and I'm glad she read the letter so I didn't have to tell her haha!

I normally opt for something casual and a comfy pair of shoes. If you want to go in a special outfit you could always take a change of clothes with you, depending on how you feel about carrying them around all day.

As for people asking about your sexuality, if it comes up you'll know in the moment if you want to tell them or not. If you do you do, if not there will be a time when it feels right and you can do it then. Outing yourself accidentally can be a very simple way to tell people, you just mention it in passing, without thought, and carry on as normal then no one makes an issue of it.