getting caught.

Whilst busy satisfying myself, and no matter what I originally thought of or use to get off, the idea idea of getting caught always seems to Pop into my head at the last moment. Now I'm not complaining, because I like it.
I would love for my wife to stroll in and catch me half way through. She doesn't have to join in, unless she wants to, but the idea of getting caught is massive when just reaching the 'vinegar strokes'.
Anyone else have little fantasies that just pop into their head, no matter what you were origianally using to get off, right at the last moment?
(hope that all Makes sense.)

i love my man watching me....really turns me on

Hmmmm. My ex wanted us to do that... getting caught and then have a trio. I was in love with the b...rd and I did not feel like sharing him, so I never did it. I now have terrible regrets. I should have done it for the experience.

I have the exact same thoughts/fantasies. Getting caught and them watching you get yourself off and then them joining you. That is a big turn on for me, pops into my head almost every time I masturbate.