Getting into crossdressing


I've been curious about crossdressing for a while and wasn't sure how to approach it. I have tried on my OH panties a couple times. One feels fine, the other felt amazing. I've also tried one of her dresses on briefly and had a look in the mirror but i didn't quite like what i saw. perhaps a wig would make a big difference.

So i was curious to know how others got into it, and if there was any advice on how to approach the OH about this subject? like, in a way that will get support i hope.

If you read the through the topics, there are quite a few subjects relating to this that will give you more information on the subject.

Here is one to get you started

Apparently I identify as a crossdresser, I don't like the look of wearing skirts, for me it's all down to my Scent fetish, I like wearing just worn clothing such a turn on, but it kind of progressed into buying bodystockings and suspenders I do like the look of those on me.

I'm quite lucky as my ex use to give me her clothing to keep, I still have them so I can still have fun on my own, When I get home I go straight for the panties to relax in when I'm feeling sexy and horny I will also wear a skirt.

For me its quite hard to explain why I like it so much, if I'm wearing a skirt then I go into full female mode what I mean when I need to pee I will sit on the loo I find it sexy dropping the skirt down and panties to my ankles.