Getting ready for anal....

So, hubby and I are just starting to experiment with anal sex.

I wondered if there was a cream/moisturiser that anyone uses/has used to ensure that the skin is supple and nice and stretchy? I'm not asking about lube here - I know that's important for acutal insertion, I'm wondering if there is something I can use in the days prior.

Vaseline is out - it has a high bleach content which can be an irritant.

Hi, we're in a similar position! But we've not had the need to apply any cream prior to the event, just lots of lube as you've already said...

I have to admit, I can't say i've ever heard of any cream/moisturiser that's suitable for that purpose...

When it comes to anal, the best way to ensure that you are relaxed and 'stretchy' is just to ensure you are fully aroused - lots of foreplay is very helpful. There are some anal lubricants which I guess would have a 'moisturising' quality about them, but that's about it really...

You have to bear in mind, that anything you use in the days prior, is likely to be washed off anyway (from going to the toilet and bathing/showering) - so really, the best thing is to take it slow, use lots of lubricant, lots of foreplay and start of small with just fingers or a small butt plug before considering penile penetration.

I agree with David, I haven't heard of any creams that help days prior.

All I can imagine would help to keep the skin stretchy is maybe using your fingers or butt plugs a few days before to street your muscles a bit - don't worry, it's surprisingly stretchy and will go back to normal immediately!

Same here,never heard of any.But there's a good idea for manifacturers,it could definitely come in handy and it will sell well,if it does the job.
Is for use to make the skin v supple to ease stretch marks for pregnancy.... With a bit of repurposing you could try this to make the skin more supple....
Its just a thought

I wouldn't put any creams that aren't designed for anal use, on your anal opening. The skin there is highly sensitive, and you also run the risk of cream going up there, so I would highly discourage using anything at all unless it's designed for anal use.

+1 Mrs

I genuinely don't understand why would need to moisturise your bum? Having a silky soft ring isn't going to make anal sex easier - it's all about the lube, and the patience. There is no such thing as an anal specific moisturiser (i've googled), nor can I find anything that says this is something that needs to be done or is in anyway beneficial.

But maybe someone else can provide more of an insight.

If it's the "stretchy" aspect that you're wanting, maybe try a relaxant lube such as Might be beneficial if you're new to anal play ..

I've never used any creams. Just lube.