Getting smooth

I've finally decided that I should shave my balls nice and smooth. I trimmed to start with before going for a wet shave with razor and shave gel. All in all I'm happy with the result but have been left with a few hairs remaining which I couldn't seem to get rid of. Any tips for removing the stragglers?

My OH has indulged in this practice recently and what he finds helpful is either taking the plunge and tweezing, or I'll use my mini trimmer (it's like a small electric shaver the size of a pen for using on bikini lines/eyebrows/lip/nose hairs) and that normally does the job because its so precise!

I find tweezing helps for me :)

plckitty pluck pluck !!!

Agree! Pluck em! ;)

yeah, if there's just a few, pluck :)

Like a wet shave, pull the skin like you would your face. The tighter you have it the better the success with the razor.

Waxing is much better

I wet shave with gel every couple of days, but end up with one or two strays which I make sure I get the next time! At times it does get slightly OCD as I seem to be playing 'hunt the stray hair' in the shower not my favourite shower game !

I shave with gel and get the odd stubbly strays too, which I sometimes will (very, very, very) carefully try to shave off, using a bit of moisturiser for lubrication, while I'm drying things.

But there's a few odd very fine ones that I can never get with the razor and I might try pluckity pluck next time!

For the balls my hubby uses tweezers.

I shave and have to admit there is always a straggler that manages to escape the blade! To be honest, a daily shave tends to get them all eventually. I have waxed and I cried like a baby and tweezing strains the eyes so unless your OH tweeses for you, I would suggest a daily razer regime.