Gift box for vanilla friends?

We are putting together a Christmas present gift box for what we assume are 'vanilla' friends of ours, we are looking to spend about £20 and would like a nice little selection of things, what would you put in if you were doing it? X

whats meant by vanilla friends?

I'd say the 'essentials' Some nice lube, condoms (possibly) , maybe orgasm balm or something... or maybe you could get them a rocks off bullet , it's pretty basic and small so not too overwhelming xx

Would this be a bit over the top for them? It seems like a great introduction to sex toys if they don't use them already. I think you can be quite vanilla and still use toys -

If not, I would go for things like this... (amazing!!!)

Most of that stuff is from my wish list haha! I think massage candles need to be included in there somewhere, they're amazing! The guavalava set is my favourite, it smells so beautiful!!

P.S. You get a free blind fold from the Silver Collection when you buy two of these products, a couple of the things listed above are on there

maybe try some things from or

if it were me i'd buy

I was going to suggest the exact same things as MrsMcX about some massage oils and maybe one of the card games or sexy vouchers that you can get here. What about the hot rocks as well? or xx

I didn't think about the hot rocks!! *added to wishlift* I hope you're secretly my friend in real life and I'm getting all these presents!!! Haha!!

If you're going for more romance than anything, I'd reccommend the Bijoux Petits Bonbons range, they do rose petals, ticklers and oils and stuff for the bath.

If you want something a little more sexy why not take Kinky&Curvy's suggestion and go for a stroker (for the man so he doesn't feel like it's all for the woman) a bullet, a cock ring and some lube. Don't forget the cleaner! :)

stick a basic butt plug in (lol), it's light hearted, and you never know they might become kinks

With a £20 budget in mind, I would go for a vibrating cock ring, flavoured lubricant and a massage candle.

Ah MrsMcX, you can be my Secret Santa this year, thats an amazing package to recieve, love that idea.

My thought is to start with a Sliquid lube, unflavoured because I have to be careful with scents and flavours and know that something sex-related is awkward to rehome. My thinking is that a quality lube is something everyone can use more of. There's a 15% two deal on as well, so one for them, one for you?

I'd also look for an opportunity to bring up something like waiting for a parcel (even if I wasn't at that moment) to ease into a bit of conversation about these sorts of things. They're going to know after opening their gift that I use sex toys anyway and some useful information could come out of the conversation, like a sense of whether they're curious or experienced or have never thought about it. At the very least, it would lessen the shock somewhat when they open their gift.

For £20, I think I'd go with a good lube and watch the DotD/3 for £10/20 offers for a good bullet because that's also versatile. Today's DotD is £5 for the Death by Orgasm Spider, which might not suit everyone's fancy, but the bullet is excellent. Probably something else as well, but generally I'm more in favour of quality than quantity.

I would suggest that you have a bit of a conversaion with them an check that they are vanilla. I'm sure most people even those who know us would assume we're vanilla.
Or try going for stuff that both vanilla and kinky couples would appreciate.
The first kinky things we had were wedding presents, they were paint on body chocolate and a book on massage with a bottle of massage oil.
That was 14 years ago. Tame but lots of fun we still like massage now.

For a vanilla friend I recently bought him this little lot. I think it's not overly offencive

Got a free neck tie and cost me just over 20 with a offer.
My thoughts are if your going to buy a sex toy basket for someone why just get lube, oils candles and stuff they can get themselves. I always get a few little things like that as you can see but add a few things that they wouldn't buy for themselves.
I would even do what SS said and get butt plugs I have in the past.
I regularly buy sex toys for vanilla friends.

Definitely get a massage candle!

I'd go for a blindfold, some soft restraints and a tickler for certain. Then maybe some Durex Play (or similar), basically a lick-able massage gel that is also a condom safe lube.

How vanilla are they? And do you know that for certain? Maybe they have a secret dungeon in the basement!

I think you should for sure but a bullet in there :)

I would first check you're sure they're vanilla - people cna be very good at hiding it!

Then, I'd go along the lines of (my first toy, still a firm favourite) (not too scary but they do the job well)

I quite often buy my friends toys for their birthdays (the ones I know don't have any yet) as they know me well enough to not get creeped out by it, and it's given a couple of nudge to be more experimental! :)

Little bullet maybe ?