Hello AGAIN. I was just wondering if anyone knew how to gift on a mobile device. I've gifted before but on my laptop. And I don't have Internet for it for about a week. I think maybe my phone is cutting half the screen out can you help?

I've gifted on my phone before, you basically do it the same as you would on a laptop but if you're using an iPhone do it on Safari and not Chrome! I normally use Chrome but for some reason Lovehoney doesn't work properly on it, and randomly removes and adds stuff to my basket :p

I did it just by going on someone's wish list and adding whatever I wanted to send them to my basket, then after going through delivery options and PayPal it gave me the option to send it to that person or to send it to myself. Should be the same as the PC version :)

Brilliant! Thank you gorgeous x

I was going to say i done a couple of gifting orders on my iphone..about 3 on my ipad and the rest on my laptop and they have always worked x